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Rusting will occur in boiled water but at a very slow rate. This is mainly due to the fact that water which is boiled is said to be de-ionized.

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Q: Will rusting occur in boiled water?
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What effect does water have on rusting?

Rusting occur in water containing oxygen.

How does tinning prevent rusting?

As tin is not reactive with water or oxygen rusting cannot occur as these two substances are needed for rusting to occur

Can rusting of iron occur in distelled water?

yes,rusting of iron can occur in distilled water.In fact it occur even very fast because ionic content in distilled water is very less.So,rusting of iron occur in distilled water.

What are the conditions necessary for rusting?

The conditions necessary for rusting are water (or water vapour) and air, specifically Oxygen. If one condition is absent and the other is present then rusting would not occur but if both are present then rusting will occur

What conditions does rusting occur on iron?

Rusting occur in iron when it reacts with oxygen and water...the less salts in the water the faster the rusting occurs...and the more percentage of oxygen the faster it rusts.

In the rusting experiment why is it important to cover the boiled water with oil?

it removes oxygen

Will metal rust in boiled water?

If it is left for some time as the water will oxygenate and the oxygen is what causes rusting.

Can rusting of iron occur in distilled water?

Yes, rusting of iron occurs in distilled water. In fact, the rusting is faster since, the ionic content in distilled water is lesser.

How does rusting occur?

rust occures by puting it in vinegar water

Under what conditions does rusting occur?

when there is water and oxygen. like bridges are in.

Can water vapor rust iron?

Rusting will only occur in the presence of both water and oxygen. In the presence of oxygen, water vapour in the air will cause rusting to occur. So unless you are talking about the iron coming into contact with water vapour but when there is no oxygen, the answer is yes.

Does water have to occur to make rust?

No, unless it's hydrogen that's rusting.

Can rusting of iron nail occur in distilled water?

Yes, Iron nails can rust in distilled water

Can rusting of iron nail occur in distilled water justify your answer?

NO because distilled water contains no salts.

Will a nail rust in boiled water?

No because to rust something you need oxygen so boiling the water make the oxygen go which results in it not rusting

When materials containing iron are exposed to oxygen and water?

In this case the phenomenon of rusting occur.

Rusting is an example of what?

Rusting is the corrosion of iron. A redox reaction will occur and the iron will be oxidised by the oxygen and water surrounding it or any other strong oxidants.

Rusting is an example of?

Rusting is the corrosion of iron. A redox reaction will occur and the iron will be oxidised by the oxygen and water surrounding it or any other strong oxidants.

Does a chemical change occur when water is boiled?

Boiling is only a physical process.

Will iron rust if its with calcium chloride?

The iron would not rust, because calcium chloride is a desiccant. For rusting to occur there are two vital components: water and oxygen. Since calcium chloride is a desiccant, it would absorb the water, so rusting would not occur.

What is the role of moisture in formation of rust?

moisture contains water which is essential for rusting to occur. Rusting can't occur unless oxygen and water are available . 4Fe + 6(O2) + X(H2o) --->2( Fe2O3).X H2o X depends on the amount of water present .. hope this helps

What are the factors that cause rusting?

There are many factors involved which effect the rate of rusting for a given metal. The factors without which rusting would not occur are exposure of the metal to water and oxygen.When these are both present rusting is likely to occur.Factors which increase the rate of rusting:Higher temperatureHigh water salinityHigher atmospheric pressurePainting the metal prevents it from rusting by isolating it from oxygen and water.Biological Corrosion is made from living organisms, and living cells and bacteria. The cells are made up into 2 catorgories, Fungi and Bacteria cells.Rust is the product of the reaction between Iron and Oxygen

Which type of gas does rusting require?

The gas that is required to allow rusting to occur is Oxygen

Under what conditions will rusting not occur?

Rust will not occur where it is dry and humid

Difference between rusting and combustion?

Rusting is much slower than combustion, and rusting in the strictest sense can occur only with iron or its alloys.