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No. A C&D letter is simply a request to cease contact. The vehicle can legally, and probably will be repossessed.

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What does cease and desist mean?

A 'Cease & Desist Order' means: * 'Cease' means to stop and 'Desist' means not to do it again. This comes into effect when there is a dispute about something. A person sending the Cease & Desist Order is telling the person bothering them to stop! * You can place this legal paper for: stalking, damage to your property, harassing phone calls, etc. * Copyright and trademark infringements. * Slander (someone saying something about you that isn't true); libel or labor disputes. * A Cease & Desist Order can be given to a company that that you owe money too if they are phoning you at all hours of the day or or night, BUT the Cease & Desist Order is not active until the company puts your account into the hands of a collection agency.

How do you use the words cease and desist in a sentence?

The court issued a cease and desist order against the construction company. They were forced to cease and desist any activity that changed the landscape.

How can you stop someone from defamation of character against your business?

Write a cease-and-desist letter, then litigate.

What does it mean to desist?

Desist means to abstain from or stay away from.

Can you give me a sentence for the word desist?

CEASE AND DESIST! means stop that...

How do you use the word DESIST in a sentence?

you should cease and desist what u are doing

What is the definition of desist?

The word desist comes from the latin word desistere. It means to leave off.

What are the verb forms of desist?

Desist is a verb, its forms are: base verb -- desist third person singular -- desists past -- desisted past participle -- desisted present participle -- desisting

Can you use the word Desist in a sentence?

The court gave the man a Cease and Desist order; he had to stop what he was doing.

What are the release dates for Cease and Desist - 2009?

Cease and Desist - 2009 was released on: USA: 2009

What instances can you issue Cease and desist for ex mother-in-law?

* If anyone is harassing you in any way by phone calls, sending the police with false allegations against you; harassing you at your place of work; making problems in your relationship (accusing you of things that are not true) then you have a right to get a Cease and Desist Order against that person (even if it's a family member.)

What rhymes with desist?


What is an antonym for consist?


What does desist mean?

Desist...Verb meaning to cease, stop, quit, leave off, give up, discontinue.

What is the antonym for the word desist?

Antonyms for the word desist: carry on, continue, endure, go on, keep on, persevere, restart, resume

Cease and desist letter to creditor?

Need a sample of a cease and desist letter to creditor stating I cannot pay bill right now.

What rhymes with persist?

desist resist exist

Opposite of Consume?

abstain, refrain, or desist.

What is a synonym for desist?

Cease, halt, stop.

What actors and actresses appeared in Cease and Desist - 2009?

The cast of Cease and Desist - 2009 includes: Ari Forman as Himself (Ari Saal Forman)

What does a creditor do after receiving a letter to cease-and-desist phone calls and what would the results be for a debtor?

They will continue to contact the person via mail, perhaps a courier service. Some credit counselor's believe that sending a "cease and desist' letter will cause the collector to initiate a lawsuit. That however is not a factor in pursuing legal action. Lawsuits are filed mainly on the basis of being able to collect the debt either at the present or future date.

How serious is it if you receive an out of state 'cease and desist' order claiming copyright infringement on public photos and harassment?

A 'cease and desist' notice from an authorized source is a warning of sorts, that precedes a "Right To Cure" notice. The business or individual sending the notice is informing the alledged wrongdoer that they have, or believe they have grounds for legal action to resolve the issue. An individual can be sued by a business or another individual even if they do not reside in the same state of the plaintiff.

If I have a corporation in Florida and several years later someone uses it as their DBA do I have to sue or can I send a cease and desist letter and if he doesn't stop can I press charges?

You can certainly send a cease and desist letter. If they don't respond favorably, then you can bring suit. There may not be criminal charges involved, this is typically a civil suit, so you can't 'press charges.'

Does a lawyer have authority to deliver cease and desist?

Delivery of a cease and desist order can be done by any adult. The order has to be authorized by the parties or their recognized agent, which could be the same attorney.

What to do if someone uses your copyrighted material?

Generally, just asking them to stop (or license the materials) works. If not, you may wish to send a formal cease and desist letter, or contact an IP attorney.