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No. A C&D letter is simply a request to cease contact. The vehicle can legally, and probably will be repossessed.

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Q: Will sending a finance company a cease and desist letter allow someone to keep a car?
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What does cease and desist mean?

A 'Cease & Desist Order' means: * 'Cease' means to stop and 'Desist' means not to do it again. This comes into effect when there is a dispute about something. A person sending the Cease & Desist Order is telling the person bothering them to stop! * You can place this legal paper for: stalking, damage to your property, harassing phone calls, etc. * Copyright and trademark infringements. * Slander (someone saying something about you that isn't true); libel or labor disputes. * A Cease & Desist Order can be given to a company that that you owe money too if they are phoning you at all hours of the day or or night, BUT the Cease & Desist Order is not active until the company puts your account into the hands of a collection agency.

How do you use the words cease and desist in a sentence?

The court issued a cease and desist order against the construction company. They were forced to cease and desist any activity that changed the landscape.

How can you stop someone from defamation of character against your business?

Write a cease-and-desist letter, then litigate.

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Cease means to stop and desist means to not do it again. To cease and desist tells a person to stop doing something and not do it again in the future.

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The word 'desist' can be found in the Oxford English dictionary. The meaning of the word 'desist' is to cease or abstain and therefore stop something from taking place.

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The word desist comes from the latin word desistere. It means to leave off.

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