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Will sexual assault charges be dismissed if the 20-year-old and the 16-year-old marry with parental consent in Texas?

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Maybe. The decision is entirely at the discretion of the state prosecutor. Some prosecutors will go forward with such a case to demonstrate that the existing law is enforceable, to discourage other adults who are or are considering entering into a relationship with a minor, to help further strengthen and secure the safety for underage persons who might be subject to intimidation or coercion by an adult (not forcible acts such as rape, sexual assault, etc.) and so forth.

2006-08-02 12:32:33
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Q: Will sexual assault charges be dismissed if the 20-year-old and the 16-year-old marry with parental consent in Texas?
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Are you considered convicted if your charges for an assault were dismissed but your charge still show is up in your record?

No. The charges were dismissed.

Your assault case was dismissed can you put no on a job application if ever convicted of a felony?

if the case was dismissed you were not convicted. you can truthfully answer no.

What does this mean Assault and battery with dangerous weapon dismissed without costs?

it means the chraged were dismissed and the case is closed. It means the person was let go and nothing will come of the charges.

Can you join the army with a assault charge that was dismissed?

If the charge was not specifically related to domestic violence, yes. All documents showing the charge was dismissed must be provided to your recruiter for submission with your initial packet.

If the defendant of an aggravated assault case takes the case to a jury trial and the plantiff does not appear in court will the charges be dismissed?


If a de novo appeal of a misdemeanor assault charge from municipal court to county court at law is dismissed would double jeopardy prevent a new felony assault charge from being filed?

IF I UNDERSTAND THE QUESTION CORRECTLY:A 'de novo" appeal was made to nullify the original municipal court verdict and move the case from municipal court to county court.A de novo hearing signifies that, in the eyes of the law, the initial hearing (in municipal court), never occurred and it is being heard in county court as if it were a 'new' case.If the case was then dismissed by the county court judge, the reason for the dismissal would have to be known as well as under what conditions it was dismissed.BUT - if the misdemeanor assault case was dismissed WITHOUT prejudice, it COULD be re-filed as a felony without creating double jeaopordy.

Can you own a firearm with a dismissed class c assault charge that is not on your record?

In general, convictions, not charges, affect gun ownership. However, you should discuss this with an attorney in YOUR state,

Can someone who has been charged with domestic assault obtain a gun permit?

If the charges have been dismissed, yes. If the charges are pending, or have resulted in a conviction, no. Check with a local attorney to be sure.

Kentucky can 2nd degree assault be dropped after the commonwealth has picked it up?

Once the common wealth has picked up a charge it can only be dismissed on a not guilty verdict, or an insufficient amount of evidence.

Can you join army is domestic assault charges were dismissed but still on record?

This question can only be answered by your recruiter. It may depend on the circumstances surrounding the charge. Ask the recruiter, that's what he's there for.

Can a 13 year old get a tattoo?

(in the US) not without parental consent. Any tat artist that performs one on a minor is liable for a criminal charge of assault.

Can you rent an apartment if you have a dismissed assault charge in Texas?

Its at the discretion of the complex... but, I just tried to twice and got denied. My charge was almost immidiately dismissed, but they dont really care. So dont give them that non refundable app fee untill you know.. just lost $200 learning the hard way

What happens if plantiff doesn't show up in assault with deadly weapon case?

Well, the plantiff in a criminal case is (are) the people. So depending on the circumstances the case could be delayed or dismissed, at the perrogative of the judge.

Can dismissed assault prevent you from coaching youth football?

It all depends on the organization that would hire the individual as a coach. Just like any other job, the decision to hire an individual lies with the employer.

What part of speech is the word assault?

Assault is a noun (an assault) and a verb (to assault).

Is assault a misdemeanor?

It depends on the type of assault. "Simple" assault can be a misdemeanor, but Assault With a Weapon is a felony.

Is domestic assault and simple assault the same thing?

No. Simple assault refers to unarmed assault. Domestic assault refers to an assault directly targeted at someone within the household.

What is an indecent assault?

The terminology INDECENT ASSAULT usually refers to a sexual assault, or an assault with sexual overtones.

Can a federally dismissed case be tried in state court?

If the facts or scenario involved are applicable to the offense, and the crime is a violation of state law, yes, they could be. (e.g.: A person charged with committing a federal hate crime for assaulting a protected minoirty - and the charge against them was dismissed - the state could then, theoretically, charge the defendant under a more specifically worded state statute - assault.)

Is assault a heinous crime?

There are many different kinds of assault. Spitting on someone is a kind of assault. Assault certainly can be a heinous crime if it is a severe kind of assault. If it is a minor assault, then the crime is not heinous.

How can an auditor regain his or her job if dismissed?

An auditor can regain his job if she/he was not dismissed for forging records, embezzlement, covering up irregularities for another employees, or if a crime such as assault. The auditor should contact their former manager (s) and talk about returning, as the dismissal might be because of a company's lay off policies. Also, if there might have been a misunderstanding of some kind. If an auditor was dismissed for too many absences or for lateness too many times, it may be a lost cause as in most cases the employee is warned about those items.

Can you make a complaint for assault after being charged with assault in the same incident?

It depends on the state. Some do not allow "assault on assault" charges.

Assault or assault and battery what it mean?

'Assault' (sometimes called "simple assault" is an assault by unwanted touching using your hands or fists. 'Assault and Battery' means an unwanted touching using your hands using some striking object.

What is the difference between aggravated assault and criminal assault?

Aggravated assault is generally defined as a more serious, violent form of assault. Criminal assault refers to assault that is prosecuted under criminal, as opposed to civil, law. As such, there may or may not be overlap between an aggravated and criminal assault.

IS Simple assault a misdemeanor or a felony?

Simple assault is a misdemeanor. Not sure about assault and battery...