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Will sixteen inch wheels fit a dodge ram 3500 truck?

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βˆ™ 2006-07-22 13:45:35

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Yes, but you must get the correct size tires, which will be different from what you now have. The diameter of the tire/wheel combination should be the same as the OEM installation, or your speedometer will be off. is a good source for the correct wheel/tire combo.

2006-07-22 13:45:35
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A 2006 Dodge quad cab dual rear wheel 3500 wighs 6740 lbs.

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2004 dodge ram 3500 crew cab dually 1/2 tank of fuel 8000 lb,

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The Dodge Ram 3500 has been voted by Motor Trend as the truck of the year. It currently retails for approximately $37 500 and can vary depending on options that are purchased.

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The radiator drain plug on a 2001 Dodge Ram 3500 pickup truck with a 5.9 liter diesel engine is on the bottom inside corner of the radiator. It is on the driver's side.

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Not directly.Not directly.

Where is the 1997 dodge ram 350 fuse diagram?

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Does a dodge 2005 truck 3500 have a 5 or 6 digit odometer?

The odometer can show up to 999,999 miles

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1500 has a 9.25 2500 has a 10.5 3500 has a 11.5