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Only if they have earned income of at least $3,000 in 2007 and file a return is what I have read.

Stimulus Act rebate checks will only be sent to those filing a 2007 tax return

IR 2008-18; Fact Sheet 2008-15; Fact Sheet 2008-16; Treasury Fact Sheet

IRS has issued a barrage of information explaining how individuals will receive the rebate they're entitled to under the Economic Stimulus Act of 2008 (Stimulus Act). The key guidance is that individuals will have to file a Form 1040 or 1040A for 2007 to get a rebate in 2008, even if they are not otherwise required to file a 2007 return because of low income. Separately, Treasury issued a Fact Sheet carrying 28 examples of how individuals will be affected by the rebates. [For more information, you can follow this link to the IRS website:,,id=177937,00.html ] No extra paperwork for most individuals. IRS stresses that most people won't have to take any extra steps to be entitled to a Stimulus Act refund, which IRS will begin mailing in May of 2008, or transmitting via direct deposit, for those selecting that option when filing their 2007 returns. IRS will use the 2007 tax return to determine eligibility and calculate the basic amount of the payment. In most cases, the payment will equal the amount of tax liability on the return with a maximum amount of $600 for individuals ($1,200 for taxpayers who file a joint return) and a minimum of $300 for individuals ($600 for taxpayers who file a joint return). Parents and anyone else eligible for a stimulus rebate will also receive an additional $300 for each qualifying child. The rebates are reduced by 5% of adjusted gross income (AGI) in excess of $75,000 for individuals and $150,000 for those who are married and file jointly. Return filing burden for lower-income individuals. Even those individuals who have little or no tax liability may qualify for a minimum payment of $300 ($600 if filing a joint return) if their tax return reflects $3,000 or more in qualifying income, which consists of earned income (e.g., wages, net self-employment income) as well as Social Security or certain Railroad Retirement benefits and veterans' disability compensation, pension or survivors' benefits received from the Department of Veterans' Affairs in 2007. Many of these individuals normally wouldn't have to file a 2007 return because their incomes are below the filing thresholds, but they will have to file a return in order to receive a rebate. Where necessary, the following benefits (in any combination) must be reported on Line 20a of Form 1040 or Line 14a of the Form 1040A to meet the qualifying income requirement: * Social Security benefits reported on the 2007 Form 1099-SSA, which individuals should have received in January 2008. Those who do not have a Form 1099 may estimate their annual Social Security benefit by taking their monthly benefit and multiplying it by the number of months during the year they received the benefits. * Railroad Retirement benefits reported on the 2007 Form 1099-RRB, which should have been received in January 2008. * The sum of veterans' disability compensation, pension or survivors' benefits received from the Department of Veterans' Affairs in 2007. Individuals may estimate their annual benefit by taking their monthly annual veterans' benefit and multiplying it by the number of months during the year they received benefits.

IRS cautioned that Line 20a of Form 1040 and Line 14a of the Form 1040A are designated for Social Security. To qualify for the economic stimulus payments, these lines should also be used to include any qualifying Railroad Retirement or veterans' benefits. When an amended return will have to be filed. Those lower-income individuals who filed a 2007 tax return reporting at least $3,000 in qualifying income don't need to do anything else to get their stimulus rebate. However, others may have to amend a previously filed tax return (using Form 1040X) to include benefits to reach the $3,000 qualifying income level, for example, benefits such as Social Security payments that weren't taxable under the Code Sec. 86 rules. IRS stressed that adding these benefits on an amended tax return won't increase an individual's tax liability but simply will establish eligibility for the stimulus payment. Exclusions. IRS reminded individuals that: * Those who file Form 1040NR, 1040PR or 1040SS are not eligible for stimulus payments. These returns are normally filed by Nonresident Aliens, residents of Puerto Rico and residents of the U.S. Virgin Islands, Guam, American Samoa, the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands (CNMI). Residents of U.S. possessions will be receiving their rebates directly from the possessions. * Those who can be claimed as dependents on someone else's return aren't eligible for stimulus payments. * Dividends, interest and capital gains income is not included when determining qualifying income. Supplemental Security Income (SSI) does not count as qualifying income for the stimulus payment. Also not included in qualifying income are non-veterans or non-Social Security pension income (such as those from individual retirement accounts (IRAs)). * Stimulus payments will be subject to offset against outstanding tax and non-tax liabilities in the same way as regular tax refunds.

In addition, the IRS emphasized the stimulus payments will not count toward or negatively impact any other income-based government benefits, such as Social Security benefits, food stamps and other programs. Expect notices from IRS. Most taxpayers will receive two notices from IRS (presumably after they have filed the 2007 return). The first will be a general notice explaining the stimulus payment program. The second will confirm the recipients' eligibility, the payment amount and the approximate time table for the payment. Taxpayers are told to save the second notice to assist them when they prepare their 2008 tax return next year. IRS also advised individuals who move after they file their 2007 tax return to notify the IRS by filing Form 8822, Change of Address, and also notify the Post Office

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Q: Will social security retirement and disability SSI recipients get a tax rebate in 2008?
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More stimulus money in 2009 if had a baby in2008?

Yes, that is possible. You should have made a claim for the money on line 70 of Form 1040 ("Recovery Rebate Credit") and the amount would have either been deducted from your balance due or added to your refund. No separate rebate checks are being mailed in 2009 except to Social Security, Railroad Retirement, and Veterans Disability recipients.

What month do you get your stimulus check from 2008 tax return?

There isn't going to be a check based on your 2008 return unless you didn't get the maximum stimulus based on your 2007 return. If you didn't get the maximum based on your 2007, you may be entitled to claim the Recovery Rebate Credit on your 2008 return. The Recovery Rebate Credit will reduce the balance due on your 2008 return or increase the refund due. This year's stimulus is going out to Social Security, Railroad Retirement, and Veteran's Disability recipients only and is not based on your 2008 return.

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You will qualify for a $300.00 rebate if you only had social security benefits BUT ONLY IF your file a tax return for calendar year 2007

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