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The most effective way is to do exercises aimed at the gluteous maximus, the largest muscle in the human body, is do squats or lunges are recommended except they are not the best. To maximize muscle and overall butt growth use a muscle toner on your butt. Also when sitting down clench your thigh and butt muscles for 5 seconds and release for 5 seconds .

The most effective way to get that derriere round and full, is by doing an assortment of different workouts. First try some different squats. My favorite one is the pile squat which you see a lot in Ballet. You simply get into the pile position (feet spread apart) and squat making sure your belly button is squeezing in toward your spine and your butt muscles are contracting with every squat. Next put your feet shoulder with apart and do a standard squat and squeeze your buttocks as you come up from the squat. On the elliptical, do a high resistance backwards for 5 minutes and forward for another 5. Do this for about 20 minutes. Last but not least, the treadmill. At the highest incline you can go, walk at a fast pace. The incline directly targets your butt and it will be more muscular, toned. All squats should be done in 3 sets of 15. This should get your butt toned within one month if you do these work out every day for about 20 minutes.

Yes, squats are a great exercise for building your thighs and gluteous maximus (your butt). They are a very taxing but very effective exercise. Be careful to use strict form if you are squatting heavy weights.

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Do boot cut jeans with high back pockets give the appearance of a bigger rounder butt?

I don't think so.

When you add elastic to the waistband of a pair of jeans does it make the whole pair of jeans bigger all over like in the butt and thighs too or just the waist?

no just the waist

What exercises can you do in your room to get a bigger butt?

If you want to workout in your room to get a bigger butt I suggest doing squats, lunges, wall sits, kick backs and set ups. You can do these with just body weight or you can actually use weights. Its best to have some type of routine where you can do it 2-3 times per week. If you start noticing that your thighs are fitting tighter in your jeans then drop the squats for a while. Of of the exercises have different variations so choose the ones you are most comfortable with.

What size are you in miss me jeans if you are a 18 in regular jeans?

i wear 16 in jeans i have big thighs

How can you get big thighs to fit into jeans?

You have to go for certain thighs exercise and balance diet. Cycling is known for good thighs exercise. plussizewomendresses

What style of jeans makes your thighs look thin?

Wearing straight or skinny jeans emphasize large thighs. Flared or bootcut make your thighs and lower legs look more proportioned Wide-legged jeans create a straight line from your hips to the ground. Best bet would be a bootcut jean or a wide-legged jean.

Im skinny and i have chicken legs.. how do i make them look bigger?

well i have the same problem, i cant wear leegings or tight jeans. the way to make them bigger is put weight on then do squats a bout 20 a day in about 1 month you legs will be toned and ready for the summer shorts:)

What kind of jeans do you wear if you have thick thighs for men?

501 shrink to fit worked great for me

You are 8 weeks pregnant and your jeans are tight?

Buy bigger jeans, what else is there to say?

Why do your jeans always get holes between your thighs?

The friction caused by the movement of the legs and in turn the thighs rubbing each other while doing that could cause tear along the thigh line

How do flabby girls squeeze into tight jeans?

They just try to stuff themselves in the best they can. If not, they get bigger jeans.

How can you make your thighs look thinner?

you just have to walk 30 minutes a day. I lost 3 kgs in the thighs in just 3 weeks! do pilates!! twenty minutes a day works wonders for me! alos you can dress to make your thighs look thinner, dark colored jeans, vertical stripes, jeans with whisker wash. Avoid cargo pants with pockets on the legs. They tend to accentuate bulkiness.

What is the main purpose of a copper rivet?

The main purpose of copper rivet is to handle tension. This is applied to jeans, they are added to high stress areas of jeans to prevent them from ripping when a person bends over or squats.

How are skinny jeans supposed to fit?

Tight but not too tight on your thighs and calves/lower legs You show also be able to get your feet and ankles out of the jeans They should also have a comfortable fit to them

How should womens jeans fit?

Loose in the legs and thighs, but tight around the waist so they don't fall off.

How can you get a bigger butt within 30 days?

Dr's James & Jones seriously suggest that you try some old fashioned lunges & squats. Not to mention the butt pads that can be ordered online, that slip into your jeans. They also make jeans that have the butt pads in them, that can also be ordered online or through a catalog. We also suggest butt implants, as a last alternative. See Google.

What is the average jeans size for a 12 year old girl?

the perfect size can be from a size 2 to a size 8. depends on the bulkiness of your thighs

Why do girls like skinny jeans?

To many men it makes them seem more attractive by showing off they shape of their legs, thighs and ass.

What type of jeans should you wear if you have a big butt?

Flared, bootcut, andlowrise. you want to find well cut jeans can actually mold and lift the rear end, much like a bra. recommendations: AG Angel Roxy, Lee One True Fit Flare Jeans, Not Your Mother's Jeans Tummy Tuck Jeans, City Girl's Suddenly Slim'r Jeans, Perfection Jeans, Apple Bottom Jeans. and don't get jeans with small back pockets, or fading on the back or front thighs. Dark washes are a must!

Is a size 9 in American jeans fat if I am 5'7?

Having a size 9 in jeansnecessarily mean that a person is fat. When it comes to jean sizes, it all depends on how tall you are, how wide you thighs are and how wide of a waste you have. If a girl has a wide waste, her jeans tend to be a size bigger than normal. Remember those things when you shop and relieve yourself from the conscience that makes you feel negative things about yourself.

Does walmart sell big and tall jeans?

This depends on where you live. In Canada, Walmart does not carry Big and Tall jeans. In the United States, where people are bigger in general, they do carry Big and Tall jeans.

What are low-tapered jeans?

Low-tapered jeans are jeans that are regular jeans on top with a little bagginess to them at the bottom. The back pockets are also a bit lower than usual and the belt slits are much bigger and farther up.

If your thigh size is a 34 what size are you in women jeans?

You would probably fall under the "plus size fashion" umbrella if your thighs are 34" around.

What kind of pants is Andy biersack wearing in the rebel love song video?

He's wearing ripped jeans but they're laced up on his thighs

What size jeans for big butt?

Well gurls can have nice butts but when it comes to skinny jeans ur gonna have to use 1 sizze bigger