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Dear Reader; Oral contraceptives work before the fact. Starting a new pack will only waste your money. If you think you might be pregnant, verify it and stop taking the pills if you are. Dwight

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What medication prevents pregnancy?

Contraceptive medications prevent pregnancy

Can lemon juice prevent pregnancy?

No. Abstinence or some form of contraceptive will prevent pregnancy.

What are the drugs to prevent pregnancy?

using pills and contraceptive method

Will septra prevent pregnancy?

No, Septra is an antibiotic, not a contraceptive. It will have no effect on preventing pregnancy or affecting fertility.

Does NuvaRing prevent pregnancy?

Yes, NuvaRing is a contraceptive meant to prevent pregnancy. It can also be used to decrease excessive bleeding or cramping with menstruation.

Do your chances of getting pregnant increase the longer you have an IUD in?

No. IUD is a contraceptive. Contraceptive decrease or/and prevent pregnancy not increase the chance of conceiving.

What contraceptive uses hormones to prevent pregnancy and requires a prescription for use?

oral contraceptives

Is solphadine is contraceptive pill?

No, it's a painkiller with codeine and tylenol. It will not prevent or end a pregnancy.

Use the word contraceptive in a sentence?

When you are planning to have sex, using a contraceptive will prevent pregnancy but will not usually protect against sexually transmitted diseases.

Does the contraceptive implant prevent STDs?

The contraceptive implant protects from pregnancy only, you will still need to use other means to protect from STD's

What are the measures to be taken after intercourse to prevent pregnancy after 72 hours?

Take the emergency contraceptive pill.

What does IUDs U mean?

Uterine. It stands for Intra-Uterine Device - A contraceptive device to prevent pregnancy.

Are all pills contraceptive?

Not all pills are contraceptives. For example, aspirin, simvastatin, and sildenafil do not prevent pregnancy.

How do you prevent pregnancy during intercourse without using contraceptive?

The only way to prevent pregnancy without contraception is by abstaining from sexual intercourse. Unfortunately there is no way to prevent pregnancy from occurring with 100% accuracy unless you use contraception every time you have intercourse.

Does oxycodone pervent pregnancy?

The answer is no. Oxycodone is a pain medication. Unless the medication is an oral contraceptive aka birth control, which are forms of the hormones progesterone and/or estrogen, it will not prevent pregnancy.

Who can buy contraceptive jelly?

Contraceptive jelly is over the counter and can be purchased by anyone, without a prescription or proof of age. Remember that contraceptive jelly alone is not a terribly effective method; be sure to use it in combination with a condom or other method to prevent pregnancy.

Does depo provera prevent STDs?

No, it is only a contraceptive method and does not help prevent STD's unlike other contraceptive methodsNo, Depo Provera offers no protections against sexually transmissible infections.No. Depo Provera only protects against pregnancy, not STDs.

What is it norethindrone used for?

Norethindrone is an oral contraceptive, a type of birth control pill. The pill contains progestrin and is used to prevent pregnancy.

What is the function of the spermicidal cream?

Spermicidal cream is a contraceptive substance that destroys sperm, inserted vaginally prior to intercourse to prevent pregnancy.

Do condoms cause birth defects?

Absolutely not. Condoms are intended to prevent pregnancy (and transmittal of diseases). If they fail as a contraceptive, there is no indication that they have any effect on the pregnancy themselves. In fact, if they fail to prevent a pregnancy they may still act to prevent disease - which can frequently be the cause of birth illnesses or problems. Hence if anything, condoms act to prevent defects.

What is the time duration of use of contraceptive pill to prevent pregnancy?

You take it daily during the time that you want to avoid pregnancy, whether you have intercourse that day or not. Depending on when you start it with relation to the menstrual cycle, you may need to wait up to a week to rely on it to prevent pregnancy.

Can ginger prevent pregnancy?

No, There is nothing in your cabinet at home or at the grocery store that works as a contraceptive unless it's a condom. Everything else is on prescription.

What is an oral contraceptive used for?

Oral contraceptives are taken by females through their mouths to prevent pregnancy. They contain the hormones Estrogen and Progestin which prevent the egg from fully developing each month.

Does any contraceptive works on 13 weeks pregnancy?

Contaception does not eliminate a pregnancy in any way; it also does not prevent you from getting pregnant again. Once you are pregnant, that it it. So unless you are trying to prevent getting and STD, contraception isn't necessary. You can get rid of the pregnancy by using them and you cannot get pregnancy again so they are in no way helpful.

Do antidepressents like prozac drugs alcohol or anything else have any affect on the pill also when does it start working as a contraceptive?

Yes, alcohol may effect you if you are taking prozac. Prozac is not a contraceptive and will never prevent pregnancy.

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