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Try Bars Stop Leak; its` worked wonders for some, none for others. Worth a shot though.

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Q: Will stop leak help your minor coolant leak from lower intake gasket 3.1?
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Your coolant light comes on for about 1 min in morning when you first start your car. Does this mean that there is a bigger problem then just adding coolant?

If you are having to add coolant, then you have a leak. The leak may be minor or it may be serious is the leak is internal, as in a blown head gasket.

Do head gasket sealants such as Steel Seal orThermagasket really work for automotive repair?

Steel seal, bars leak, JB, all will work for minor cooling system leaks; however, if you have a leaking head gasket that is consuming coolant you will find that mechanical repair is necessary.

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No, a minor fender-bender will not cause a head gasket to go unless the engine overheated. Typically, the only thing that will cause a blown head gasket is a warped head which is typically caused by overheating or occasionally by poorly torqued head bolts. Recognize that U.S. engines tend to be far more resistant to head warping while foreign engines tend to be a little more fragile.

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