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Will tanning make your hair look blonder?

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Yes it does! My skin color is a light tan and i have naturally dirty blonde hair; but in the summer it goes very very light blonde if i go out side a lot or go to the pool or beach. So the answer is YES! :)

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Can tanning make the hairs on you leg turn a lighter blonder color?

Just like the hair on your head, yes, the rays of the sun can bleach hair on the rest of your body.

Does lemon juice make blonde hair blonder?

yes lemon juice does make your hair blonder because the sun rays are attracted to the lemon substance.

How do you make your hair naturally blonder?

Get plenty of sun.

How do you make your hair blonder?

You could bleach your hair? Or just put peroxide in it?

Will lemonade make your hair blonder?

Using lemonade does not necessarily make your hair blonder in a sense, but using lemon juice in your hair and laying out in the sun for a while will possibly add light highlights and may add shine in your hair.

How can you make your hair blonder natural?

lemon juice? and use V05 shampoo

Does tanning lotion make hair darker?


Can leave go blonder conditioner in your hair overnight to make it really blonde?

I guess! Depends what hair color you have!

Does putting lemons in my hair and sittin in the sun make it blonder?

Yes lemon juice will result in bleaching of hair in sunlight

Can you put a few drops of bleach in shampoo to make hair blonder?

I wouldn't try it. Mixing Chemicals with shampoo can weaken and irritate hair. Also the bleach won't turn out anywhere and will look stupid/un-even.

Does blow drying hair with bleach in it make it blonder?

I don't know but I wouldn't try it. Sounds like a recipe for dead, dry disaster-hair!

Can tanning help remove stretch marks?

Tanning will not help to remove stretch marks. It may make them harder to see and therefore make them look better, but it does not remove them. In fact, tanning over long periods of time would make stretch marks look worse.

How do you make your hair look cool without hair dye?

so, im a dirty blonde and i always have wanted my hair blonder, but my mom has a no dying rule so what i do during the summer, is i get a lemon and i mix it with water and pour it over my head then go into the sun and "tan" my hair and the sun makes it lighter. if you wanna know in more detail go to and look up lightening your hair :) hope this helps!

How can you make blonde hair blonder without dyeing it?

the sun makes it lighter, lemon juice, and my personal favorite salt water at the beach.

Can you use camomile tea to make your hair blonder?

yes you can. u have to make the tea and let it cool completely but before you start washing your hair with camomile tea you have to wash your hair like you normally do. then u wash all ur hair with the camomile tea and then dry it and u have blonde hair:) hope it works!

Does sea salt make your hair blonder?

In the sun it does. And if mixed with lemon juice, some water, (some vinegar). You might try using it without the sun.

Can lemon juice make hair white?

It is VERY hard getting your hair white and lemon juice unfortunately won't do the trick. What it will do, however is lighten the hair (make it blonder) Squeeze lemon juice in your hair and hang out in the sun for at least half an hour and you should see some results. :) hope this helped.

Will lemon juice lighten dark brown hair?

lemon juice will turn your hair orange in colour as this technique is only used on already blonde hair to make it go blonder. I once tried this and ended up with orange hair so say with experience do not do the same!

How do you make your hair blonder without dye?

lemon juice and sun in. pour hefty amounts of lemon juice on your hair when in the shower. rinse in cold water. when going outside, spray a hair lightener called sun in, found at walmart and target, on your hair. happy ligtening!

Do layers make your hair look thinner?

no, it actually makes your hair look thicker. If you already have thick hair then it makes your hair look amazing!!

Are there any good tanning lotions that don't make your skin look orange?

yes ashilky

How do you get dirty blonde hair to blonde hair without dying OR bleaching it?

Well when its summer dirty blonde hair usually turns blonder from the sun but that wont make it blonde you may want. Really you should dye it to get it blonde not bleach it get blonde highlights.

How can you make your hair turn blonder without bleach?

I don't know if hair dye has bleach, but hair dye.AnswerSunlight/UV Rays have natural bleaching abilities. Spend time outside, at the beach, etc. and you're hair will lighten. It will be something drastic, like brown to blonde but your hair will lighten up.

How do I make my hair look silkier?

One way to make your hair look silkier is by applying a hot oil treatment.

What oil can make my hair look shiny soft not dry-?

The oil that can make your hair look soft and shiny is Salmon.