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Will tattooed skin always be levetated?

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short answere, no. scratched/damaged skin becomes inflamed(like when you scrape yourself on something like a stick or if you scratch yourself with your nails a bit harder than you should)tattoo guns basically stab you over and over again with a needle, which causes irritation. after it heals up the ink becomes part of you and is a nice seamless work of skin art.

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What part of the skin gets tattooed?


Can laser hair removal be done on tattooed skin?

Yes because it uses a different wavelength when penetrating the skin.

How come tattoos don't break the skin?

Tattoos do break the skin. Skin bleeds while being tattooed and will scab if not correctly cared for.

What would describe tamenund?

His skin was tattooed, his eyes were closed and he had snow-white hair.

Why does tattoo skin wrinkle?

Tattooed skin wrinkles because it is still skill despite having ink on it. It moves and ages just like regular skin.

Who knows the name of a comic with a guy from prison who has magic tattoos?

Skin Graft: The Adventures of a Tattooed Man

Can you get tattooed with squid ink?

No as squid ink reacts with heat and cold and wouldn't be suitable for human skin

In addition to stars and colored uniforms what did the Germans do to identify prisoners in concentration camps?

Tattooed numbers on their skin.

Can you get tattooed whilst using isotretinoin?

Our office consensus is no. Because a side effect of isotretinoin (which are vitamins) is skin peeling.

Can you start a IV over a tattooed area of skin?

Yes, though it is uncommon for the entry point for the IV on the body to be inked.

Why do cosmetics have temporary effect?

Because the pigment (colour) in the cosmetics sits on the surface of the skin and does not penetrate enough layers of the skin to become permanent. Permanent makeup can be tattooed on by a professional.

Is getting tattooed harmful for my skin and health?

Harmful for your "skin?" Yes for about three days. Use Aquaphor. Harmful for your "health?" Not if you find a tattoo artist that is certified and knows what he/she is doing.

Why were prisoners tattooed at the Concentration Camps?

They were not, they were only tattooed at one camp; Auschwitz. They were tattooed to help keep track of them.

In animals that carry out respiration though the skin the skin must always be?

The skin must always be moist in animals that exchange oxygen through the skin.

Which ear is a rabbit tattooed in?

Rabbits are tattooed in their left ear.

Which prisoners were not tattooed?

The only Nazi camp that tattooed prisoners was the Auschwitz group, where prisoners selected for work were tattooed. Prisoners at other camps and those sent immediately to be gassed at Auschwitz were not tattooed.

What is the duration of Tattooed Life?

The duration of Tattooed Life is 1.45 hours.

What does Synyster Gates have tattooed on his knuckles?

Synyster Gates has MARLBORO tattooed on his knuckles.

What groups were tattooed by the Nazis?

Many of the concentration camp prisoners were tattooed and especially children . The SS were tattooed with their blood type below their left arm .

Can you get a staph infection from being tattooed and does the tattoo process cause it or is it something in or on your skin?

Staph is a bacterial that sits harmlessly on your skin. If you puncture the skin, it may enter the wound and become an infection. So you could've developed the infection from the punctures of the needle in the tattoo process. It is possible that the original bacteria was on your skin, but it could've also come from the hands of the tattoo artist. staph from tattooo is very rare...but wats more common is hepatitis C...very dangerous oncogenic be sure u get tattooed in a proper place.

Why were the SS guards tattooed?

All members of the SS (except Himmler) were tattooed with a number.

What is the duration of Tattooed Flower Vase?

The duration of Tattooed Flower Vase is 1.23 hours.

Despite the changes in size and shape of the body due to movementgrowth and slimmingwhy does the skin always fit?

Our skin always fits our body because skin is very stretchy.

Who had ss tattooed under their arm?

The SS had their blood type tattooed under their left arm .

What are the ratings and certificates for The Tattooed Will - 1914?

The Tattooed Will - 1914 is rated/received certificates of: UK:U