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Tekken 6 is not coming out for DS but Tekken prime 3d is for 3DS

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Will tekken 6 come out on the Nintendo DS?

theirs will bve a game called tekken tournament for ds, but im not sure when it will come out.

When will tekken 6 come out for ps3?

Tekken 6 will come out on October 29th, 2009.

Come Tekken 6 on Playstation 2?

No, Tekken 6 will not be released for ps2.

Will Tekken 6 come out on PS2?

No. Tekken 6 is PS3/Xbox 360 and the PSP.

Is tekken 6 out on DS?

there is a game out called tekken tag tournament for ds. if you want to see a picture of it heres how. 1.go to google images 2.type in tekken tournament for DS 3. the first picture will be the box art

Where can you buy tekken 6?

there is no tekken 6`tekken 6 will be out on the 27 oct and yes there is tekken 6.

Will tekken come out on Xbox 360?

Yes, Tekken 6 is scheduled to appear on the Xbox 360.

Is lars on tekken 6 just tekken 6 for consoles not tekken 6 br?

Lars is in Tekken 6 console version, and Tekken 6 BR arcade version. The only one which Lars doesn't appear in is the Tekken 6 arcade version.

Who was the Character Jin in Tekken inspired by?

Tekken 3 Tekken Tag Tournament Tekken 4 Tekken 5 Tekken: Dark Resurrection Tekken 6 Tekken 6: Bloodline Rebellion

Will Tekken 6 come out on Wii?

No it wont it will come out on PS3 Xbox 360 and PSP

Is tekken 6 for the ps2?

No PS2 cannot read Tekken 6. Tekken 6 is released for PS3. Tekken 6 is also playable for PSP and PSP Go. You can also play Tekken 6 in Xbox 360.

How many Tekken games are there?

There are 8 Tekken games by Namco. These games are Tekken, Tekken 2, Tekken 3, Tekken Tag Tournament, Tekken 4, Tekken 5, Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection, Tekken 6 and Tekken 6 Bloodline Rebellion.

Is tekken 6 gameshare?

No..You Can Not Gameshare On Tekken 6..

Will Tekken 6 come out on PSP?

Yes as well as Xbox and PS3

Will teken six come out on ps2?

No, Tekken 6 will not be released on ps2.

When will tekken 7 come out?

tekken 7 is in the making and should be out by December 05,2011 if you are looking for tekken 6 it should cost about 19.99 (ps3) or 30.99(psp) hope this helped.

Will tekken 6 be on Playstation 2?

only 360 and ps3 and it wont be tekken 6 it'll be tekken 6: bloodline rebellion

Is there going to be a tekken 6?

Tekken 6 has already been released. The next Tekken game, using Tekken style fighting, is Tekken Tag Team Tournament 2.

How do you play Tekken 6?

in Tekken 6 the characters from Tekken 5 are still there and their moves are not changed actually but some additions so you can play Tekken 6 as how you play Tekken 5 but in Tekken 6 the bounce thing is introduced where you can make the opponent bounce on the ground and you can continue your juggle from there.

Tekken 6 come out?

If you are in the northern hemisphere this fall If you are in the southern hemisphere this spring

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