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Identical down to the metric bolts, screws and fuses.

2005-03-19 17:39:06
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Does the Mazda 626 and the Ford Probe gt have the same motor?

Yes both the probe gt and Mazda 626 have exact same engine and equal power, 24valve DOHC V6.

What engine is in Ford Probe?

its a Mazda engine . ( DOHC 4cyl. 16 valve 2.0l ) For the probe 1993

What motor does a 1992 240sx have in it?

2.4 liter Duel over head cam (DOHC) ka24de

What motor in a Ford Escort zx2 made in2002?

2.0 liter DOHC - Zetec engine

Will a dohc head work on a 92 Mazda mx6 turbo motor?

no Oil galleries do not line up

What is the difference between a Mazda astina and astina sp?

The main difference that i know is the sp had the dohc motor

What causes the chain in a dohc motor to brake in a Mazda portege?

That is because it is not a chain. Mazda uses a timing belt which must be replace at 105,000 miles if not before.

How do you know that your Mazda 323 is a 1.6 liter engine and a Dual Overhead Cam?

engine size is found on the engine, but all Mazda engines in the b and z family have the imprint of DOHC on the rocker-cover when they are dohc if you find an imprint of b6-XX-XX then you have a 1.6 and if dohc is found on the rockercover then it is a 1.6 dohc. if you see b8, then that is always a 1.8l SOHC engine

What is the motor size in a 1998 Ford Escort ZX2?

2.0 liter ( I believe that is the DOHC - Zetec engine ) on YouTube

How can you find out if you have a single overhead cam or a dual in a Mazda protege?

Simply pop the hood and look at your motor. It will say SOHC or DOHC.

What size motor does a mustang cobra have?

1993 to 1995 has a 5.0 liter or a 302 cubic inch engine. 1996 to 2004 has a DOHC 4.6 liter or 281 cubic inch engine. The new Cobras are the Shelby GT 500s which have a DOHC 5.4 liter or 330 cubic inch engine.

What type of motor is in a 2001 ford ranger xlt?

Either the 2.3 liter DOHC 4 cylinder , or the 3.0 OHV - V6 , or the 4.0 liter SOHC - V6 engines

What engines are interchangeable with the Mazda 2.0L?

1993-1996 Ford Probe, Mazda 626, Mx6, and 1998-2003 Protege all share the basic FS block (2.0L DOHC). the electronics, manifolds, fuel delivery, and ignition may have differences.

What is the spark plug gap on a Mazda 1.8 DOHC?

The spark plug gap on a 1994 Mazda 1.8L MFI DOHC is .044 (thousandths of an inch)

What size motor is in the 2000 4 cylinder mercury cougar?

2.0 liter ( 121 cubic inch ) DOHC - 4 cylinder engine

1999 ford escort 2.0 liter dohc intererference motor?

no not from what i read. go to gates belt website they have a index there that has most motors and if that are interference or not.

What type of motor oil does a 2004 Ford Taurus use?

The 2004 Ford Taurus Owner Guide shows ( 5W-20 ) for the 3.0 liter Vulcan and 3.0 liter DOHC Duratec engines

How find engine size Lincoln LS?

There are two engines offered in the Lincoln LS : The 3.0 liter DOHC - V6 The 3.9 liter DOHC - V8

Will a dohc vtec fit in a 1995 Ford Probe?

yes yes yes

Will a 2.0 dohc out of a 93 mx 6 fit into a 92 mx3?

it should fit. a 2.5 klze motor from fits in both the mx6 as well as the mx3 and ford probe... may need some motor mounts, and special wiring harnesses, but the motor should fit

How many bolts hold the starter on on a 1995 crown Victoria 4.6 liter?

if it is a dohc motor it will be four but if its a single over head cam it should be 2

Where is the camshaft positioning sensor on a Mazda Millenia 2.5L DOHC?

Camshaft position sensor of Mazda Milenia 2,5L DOHC is inside ignition distributor (the same part with iggnition comutator).

How do you replace timing belt on Mazda millenia?

timing marks on 2002 Mazda millennium 2.5 dohc

What is the cam type of the 2014 Mazda MAZDA2?

The 2014 Mazda MAZDA2 has double overhead cam (DOHC).

What is the cam type of the 2006 Mazda MAZDA5?

The 2006 Mazda MAZDA5 has double overhead cam (DOHC).