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It can make anything fit and work....... it all depends on how much time and skill and knowhow you haveand MOST IMPORTANTLY PATIENCE!!!!. You may have to make some alterations to wiring and body but why bother??? Just get the right part....unless you've already got the which case try it and see!!

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โˆ™ 2005-09-27 02:25:15
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Q: Will the 6 panel tail lights fit and work on a 244 DL that came with 5 panel lights?
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How do you get the lights on the dash to work?

check your fuses according to your fuse panel If you have no dash lights, you probably have no tail lights - same fuse.

Why 2001 sephia dash lights rear lights not working?


Why won't the instrument panel lights and tail lights work on 2001 Ford Focus?

Check fuses-- common circuit

Your head lights and tail lights do not work Brake lights work Fuses are ok?

94 mercury grand marque dashboard, hazard, and tail lights do not work?

What would cause instrument panel lights and tail lights not to work on a 1989 Nissan 240sx?

Sounds like a tail light fuse is out. This fuse is often on the same cicuit as the dash lights so that when the tail light fuse blows out the driver is made aware of it by not being able to see the dash lights. The fuse panel is on the left kick panel near the driver's left leg and is accessed by opening a small plastic cover.

Why does your tail lights only work when you press on the brake?

Are you saying your tail lights themselves do not work and only the brake lights work. If that is the case, check the fuse, and then check the tail light bulbs.

What does it mean when the brake lights work on a 2006 Escalade but the tail lights do not work?

The tail lights and the stop lights work off of different circuits. The stop lights work when the brake pedal is depressed while the tail lights work when the light switch is turned on. Look for a burnt fuse or a bad connection.

Your Panel lights won't come on with the regular lights alternator and all that stuff is fixed however the lights in the back won't come on either brake lights work and beams in front work also?

The tail lamp fuse is out. This happend on my 94 q45

Where to find a 1999 Ford Taurus wagon fuse panel diagram - upper park lites not working?

If tail lights and dash lights work - check bulbs

What is the problem when head lights are on and the tail lights dont work but the brake lights work?

If the headlights are on and brake lights work but not the tail lights, it is possible there is a short in the electrical wires. Another cause for this could be that the tail light bulbs are burned out. Most vehicles have more than one bulb inside the tail lights to control different lights at the same time.

Chevy s10 pickup headlights and tail lights do not work but brake lights do and head lights work when hit relay switch.?

its just a fuse, look for a fuse panel there are two. one under the dash and the other under the hood.

What do you do if the brake lights work but not the tail lights?

i got a 2006toyota highlander my tail lights dont work but,every other light works please help me

What if your brake lights work but not the tail lights?

Look for a fuse labeled TAIL LIGHTS. There are 2 separate circuits, one for brake turn and flasher and the other is for tail lights.

Why do your tail lights not work but your brake lights do?

its on different bulbs

Why would the high beams work but not low beams and break and tail lights only work if instrument panel lights work 1986 300zx have checked bulbs and fuses replaced switch behind brake pedal?

headlight switch

Why do the trailer blinker lights both blink when tail lights are on blinkers do not work when tail lights are off?

Check for a bad ground

Brake lights do not work when tail lights are on?

On a toyota tacoma 2003 SR5 when the tail lights are turned on the brake lights come on and when the tail lights are of the brake lights work just fine what could be the problem. If the truck has a trailer plug, inspect the plug and plug wiring for damage and corrosion.

What is wrong when brake and signal lights work but tail lights do not?


Which fuse is needed to get a 1994 ford rangers tail lights to work and where do you put it?

it uses a 15amp fuse and goes in slot 13 in the fuse panel

1996 Chevy Silverado How do you fix non working tail lights and running lights.head lights brake and signals work others stopped?

I always start with the basics.......fuses. Then go to bulbs...... Look in your fuse panel and see if you have one marked tail lights......and check it. the brake, headlights and signals work off another circuit.

Other than a blown tail light bulb why else would the tail lights parking lights and instrument panel lights not work?

well ur fuse has obviously blown under the dash.. I am facing the same problem in my car atm. But i cant find wat is causing it to blow..

Why do the blinker lights and brake lights work but tail lights don't work on 1987 ford ranger?

The tail lights are on a separate wiring than the blinker/brake lights. Look for a blown fuse or a broken/loose wire.

95 eagle talon esi tail lights and dash lights not work but brake lights and head lights and turn signals do what is the prolbem?

It is most likely the tail fuse. The dash and tail lights are usually on the same circuit

What do you do if your tail lights do not work while driving though brake lights work fuses and bulbs are good?

on some cars the tail lights and brake lights are totally different bulbs gain access to the bulbs and have someone push the brakes so that you can determine which bulbs are the brake lights and replace the tail lights

Why don't my tail lights and dash lights work on my 1997 Grand Cherokee?

Check your fuse. Usually the manufacturer has the dash lights and the tail lights on the same circuit.