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Will the DS lite car charger work on the DSi?


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No, the Nintendo DS lite charger is not the same as the Nintendo DSi charger

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DS lite chargers do not fit a 3DS.

Yes, any charger that fits a DSi can be used to charge a 3DS, 2DS or New 3DS, they all use the same charger.

3DS chargers are the same thing. The DSi should come with a car charger too. GameStop sells chargers. If your lucky enough to come across a plug with the same shape, let me know, but I highly doubt you will...

No. The engine has to be running for the charging system to operate.

Sorry, but that is not likely to work. Both the voltage and amperage provided by a charger for a laptop battery will not be correct for a car battery. It is likely that you will damage the charger.

Depending on whether they are a wall charger or a USB charger or a car charger. Wall charger: plug into wall and then plug they other end into your phone (read your manual.) USB you plug into your computer and then into your phone. Car charger you plug into your cigarette lighter and then into your phone.

The Samsung has a special car charger built just for it, that will work great while traveling.

yes they do work while the car is off becaise i drive a car and i got a phone charger and it still worked wit the car off.

Yes, there is a car charger for your Nintendo DS. The "Dreamgear 17 in 1 Bundle Pack for Nintendo DS" includes the car charger.

Was wondering the same thing, DC chargers seem to be universal. So any usb car charger should work. No, any USB charger doesn't work. I've been looking ALL OVER for this charger as well. Just this week went to Radio Shack, Best Buy, Walmart and today, Office Depot. This is one hard item to find a charger that fits. I can't use my GPS because my charger broke.

There is no fool proof way. Get a new battery if putting it on a slow charger does not work.

get your in car charger & unplug the car charger & get the usb cable and plug it into your computer + ds

A car charger does not have to match the brand of the cell phone. There are many car chargers that are compatible with many cell phones.

A trickle charger is a car battery charger that is designed to be left on a car for very long periods of time to re-charge that car battery by slowly adding charge to the battery.

It's car inverter, that can convert DC12V to AC110V/ 220V charging for electronic devices.

In-car chargers wreck gadget batteries by the way. You could take it back or use a get a solar charger.

The Charger is now and always has been a muscle car made by Dodge.The Charger was reintroduced to the Dodge line up in the year 2005.

Yes, as long as it is positioned upside down from its proper upright position

The Unitech PA500 has a car charger available that is sold as a seperate accessory for about $20.

Yes their are many car charges for the PSP, a lot of started and charger kits come with one.

I think the charger comes with the system in the box. If you mean a car jack, those are in the starter packs. Ask in the electronics section in Sears or Kmart or something.

A retractable Samsung car charger sells for a very reasonable price. The price of a retractable car charger ranges from $2.99 on the lower end and $11.99 for a higher end product.

Need to purchase a car charger. well my suggestion is Amazon they have great prices and if you sign up for Prime you get 2 day free shipping. If you can not find a car charger at amazon try EBay.

If the ashtray light is not working it will not drain the battery.

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