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the rock did return. watch the latest raw or go on

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โˆ™ 2011-02-16 05:45:54
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Q: Will the Rock ever return to the WWE for a long year contract?
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Yes End Of 2009 But Isn't Going To Be A Long Running Contract, Maybe A Match Or Two.

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He returned not long ago to wish the rock a happy birthday

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forevera contract is usually for three years

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longterm contract in supplier partnership

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Will Stone Cold or The Rock ever come back again like at Wrestlemania 22 or so?

If you mean longterm contacts: no. They both may show up on a random show, but not for long. NO the Rock will return for the millions (and millions) and millions of the rocks fans chanting his name rocky rocky rocky and that's the bottom line because the pimpohalic said so