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most likely no, just use the messenger the rant isn't that much better

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โˆ™ 2008-12-28 21:42:21
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Q: Will the Samsung Rant work for MetroPCS?
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Does the Samsung Rant charger work with the LG Rumor?


Does YouTube work on the samsung rant?

yes it does. ( if you have internet. )

Does the Samsung Rant work with Ford Sync?


Is the Samsung rant available in Canada?

The Samsung Rant is available in Canada under Telus. It's name is changed to the Samsung Slyde.

How do you get FREE music on your Samsung rant?

You cannot obtain free music on your Samsung Rant. You must pay for the music.

How much is a Samsung Rant?

The Samsung Rant in the Sprint store is $299.99 without a 2-year sprint contract. With the 2-year contract, the Rant comes free.

Where is the SIM card on Samsung rant?

the samsung rant is a sprint phone, and the sprint carrier does not use sim card technology

Will your Samsung rant charger fit the Samsung gravity?

no it won't.

What is better the Samsung Rant or the Highnote?

The Rant! Full QUERTY keyboard. great for texting.

Is the Samsung rant a good phone?

The Samsung Rant is a great phone for texters. If you do not like to text much or do not text much, then the Rant may not be the phone for you, since its main feature is the QWERTY keyboard.

What is the unlock code for samsung metropcs 4g?

i for got my metro pc passward can ya help mei have my samsung 4g. metroPCS model SCH-R820 (CDMA)

How do you get your mp3's as your ringtone on the Samsung rant?

You cannot get mp3's as your ringtone on the Samsung Rant. Although contrary to popular belief, you cannot do it. You must buy and download a song from your carrier's store, and then it will be able to play as the ringtone on your Samsung Rant.

Is the Samsung Rant touch screen?

no it is not touchscreen.

How much does Samsung rant cost?


Can you take a screen shot on your Samsung Admire from MetroPCS?


How unlock the Samsung rant of sprint?

Samsung Rant is a CDMA phone, and right now, there is no unlocking for CDMA phones. Unlocking can only be done on GSM phones.

What is the Samsung rant model code?


Does the Samsung Rant have wi-fi?

No, the Samsung Rant does not have Wi-Fi. To get on the internet, or access your e-mail, you must have an internet data plan, which is an extra charge on your bill.

Does the Samsung Rant support 4G networking?

1. the samsung rant does not support the 4g network.2. No you cant connect your cell phone to 4g speed because its a samsung tantand it soesnt support the 4g network.

What is the Samsung rant model number?

Its Model Number=M540

Can you use YouTube on a samsung rant boost mobile?

Yes you can

Is the Samsung Rant or the Lg Lotus better?

They are both good but i would have to say the Rant is better, smaller, and more appealing.

How do you reset the phone lock on Samsung sch-r860 for metropcs?

How to bypass a Samsung caliber model sch-R860

Does the purple samsung rant come with a swirly back cover?


What is the Samsung Rant camera info?

The samsung rant has a 2 mega pixel camera slash camcorder, and there is no flash it has a little mirror on it so you can see yourself, it may not be the top of the line but has good reviews