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Will the WWE be the same?

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WWE is going to change every year, you never know where it will be in a years time! so, no! wwe is constantly changing!

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Is WWE the same as WWF?

yes, wwe is the new version of wwf

What is it called when a WWE superstar is the WWE champion and the world heavyweight champion at the same time?

he is the undisputed WWE champion

Is wwf and WWE same?


How old are the WWE superstar?

Depends on which superstar are you on about not all wwe superstars have the same age

Is a WWE Pay Per View the same price as a normal movie?


Are WWE are true?

yes wwe can be true although some is fake just the same it is true

Did undertaker and hbk came in wwf or WWE same year?

hbk was in the wwe before undertaker.hbk was in the wwe 5 years before undertaker was.

Is tna real wrestling than WWE?

TNA wrestling can be real but its practically fake. Same with WWE.

When will you be seeing WWE same week as the us?


Does WWE undertaker and Kane have the same mom and dad?


WHEN did the wwf change their name to WWE?

2001 because the wildlife thing sued the wwe for having the same name

What channel is Smackdown on Tuesday?

WWE Smackdown on tuesday is on Syfi, the same channel as WWE Friday night smackdown.

Is mr kenndey and mr Anderson the same person?

Yes he retired from WWE and is now on TNA as MR. Anderson He didn't retire from WWE he was fired from WWE big difference

Is tna and WWE the same company?

No. They are two different companies

How did WWE become WWE?

The WWF/E had to turn into the WWE due to having the same name as the world wildlife foundation. Wwe was originally the World Wrestling Federation but now is World Wrestling Entertainment. back in 1980's they where WWF now there WWE since 2003

Is Christian in WWE and Christian cage in tna the same person?

Yes they are the same person if you can go on youtube or google, for youtube tyap in Christian Leaves WWE & Joins TNA??? and you will see that in wwe christian voice is low and in tna he's voice is high look at there eyes closer, you will see they have the same eyes.

Who Should be your first Oponent in the Wwe?

Im the same one who asked the question I am a soon to be WWE superstar my name will be The Flame watch out for me.

Is Husky Harris from a WWF or WWE family?

WWF and WWE are the same company, but if you want to get technical it is both. His grandfather wrestled under the WWF and his father, and Two uncles wrestled under the WWE

Will TNA and the WWE ever clash against each other?

tna has tried to start several wars with wwe but wwe responds and i dont think they will have a feud,there to different The old WCW abd ECW were threats to WWE but I don't think the WWE looks at TNA the same way and I do not blame them.

When is unforgivien in WWE?

well the wwe has change alot of pay per views and i mean they cant just be having the same old ppvs

If you trade your WWE tickets for the event in August do you get the same seat you had before?


Who is head of the WWE?

The same person it has always been Vince McMahon

Are ryback and rvd the same person?

no ryback is in the wwe and rvd is in TNA

Is WWE on fridays?

Yes. WWE Smackdown airs on Friday nights at 8pm EST/5pm PST on Syfy channel.WWE RAW is shown every Monday at the same time on USA channel.

Are Hawkins and Ryder from WWE brothers?

Yes because they are alike and they kinda work at the same time. One is ECW. One is WWE Smackdown. No they are not brothers.