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The are many variables controlling the amount of ejaculate a male will produce, and they change constantly. It is normal for there to be considerable differences.

2006-08-13 10:50:13
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Is it possible for a man to produce an abnormal amount of pre-ejaculation and become pregnant?

There is sperm in pre-ejaculation so it's always possible to get pregnant from pre-ejaculation, whether he produces alot or a little.

What is pre-ejaculation?

A prolonged stimulation either through foreplay (kissing, petting and direct stimulation of erogenous zones before penetration during intercourse) or stroking (during masturbation) leads to good amount of arousal and adequate production of pre-ejaculatory (pre-c*m) fluid. This fluid also may contain small quantities of sperm.

Does a man's sperm count diminish with repeated intercourse?

no, but if you have sexual intercourse repeatedly over a short amount of time, the amount of sperm he edjaculates will be less.

When a penis is in does it mean sperm comes out?

Not necessarily, no. It has to be stimulated to the point of ejaculation. Although there is always the possibility of the presence of a small amount of semen in the pre-ejaculate so it's best to always use contraceptives if you are not planning on starting a family.

How did chargaff contribute to the discovery of dNA?

Chargaff made an observation about DNA that was very important in the determination of its structure. He noticed that the amount of adenine always equaled the amount of the thymine, and the amount of cytosine always equaled the amount of guanine. This principle is known as chargaffs rule, and it helped Watson and crick eventually realize that A paired with T and C paired with G.

The amount of adenine in dna always equals the amount of?

Always equals the amount of thymine.

The amount of adenine will always equal what?

The amount will always of Thymine.

What was the maximum amount of times kinsey had intercourse during a given week?


Why is the amount of guanine always equal to the amount of cytosine?

Amount of guanine is always equal to cytosine

When it is noticed that you are spending an unusual amount on your credit card a . is triggered?

the answer is; warning

Can you see bleeding at first time intercourse?

Yes, this is common because a membrane called the hymen usually breaks at first intercourse and this leads to a slight amount of bleeding.

Can get pregnant with one inch penetration?

The amount of penetration is fairly irrelevant. What is more relevant is whether there has been an ejaculation (while inside) or not.

Why the amount of guanine is always equal to the amount of cytosine?

As we know that guanine always pairs with cytosine hence their amount is equal.

How much blood comes out in the first intercourse?

It can vary from a few spots to a significant amount. Also keep in mind that some girls have broken their hymen from incidents other than intercourse.

What are the health benefits to drinking sperm?

There really aren't any since the amount of nourishment is so small and especially if you consider a ejaculation is about ½ a teaspoon.

Can sperm be benefit you if you eat it?

Sperm consists of a small amount of protine and suger and has about 35 calories per ejaculation. There are no real benefits to eating it.

Can over ejection of sperm stop its production?

Repeated ejaculation over a short period of time will have the effect of reducing the volume of semen and somewhat affect the number of sperm cells present in each successive ejaculation. The body however, produces enough of each that even a miniscule amount of ejaculate has the capability of producing a pregnancy. Depending on the overall age and health, the refractory period the body needs to build up to full capacity again, can range from only an hour to several days. Someone would have to masturbate or have intercourse repeatedly, to the point of injury, before he would completely stop producing any semen or sperm cells during ejaculation.

Is one half always the same amount?

No one half is not always the same amount it is according to size

Does everybody have pre-ejaculation fluid?

No. Some men produce quite a lot and some don't produce any. The amount a given man will produce will vary depending on the amount of stimulation he is feeling.

Do bigger penises contain more semen?

No, a large penis is not correlated with a higher ejaculation volume. The size of the testicles also has nothing to do with semen amount.

Can a lady become pregnant with single intercourse if littlt sperm enter in vagina?

Yes, During ovulation days, there are very much chances to get pregnant even with single intercourse. The actual purpose of intercourse is to reach the sperm to the ova in vagina, so as the little amount of sperm contains millions of spermatozoa so it is possible the pregnancy even if little amount of sperm enters into the vagina.

The amount of adenine in DNA always equals the amount?

thymine. :]]

The amount of guanine in an organism always equals the amount of?


Is the total amount of energy in the universe always changing?

yes, the total amount of energy in the universe is always changing!

Chargaff's observations included that in every RNA molecule that adenine always equaled the amount of cytosine?

Chargaff's data showed that for each organism he studied the amount of adenine always equaled the amount of thymine (A=T) likewise, the amount of guanine always equaled the amount of cytosine (G=C).