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Not at all. Sex is a normal part of life even as pregnant and sex is encouraged.

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What kinds of DKNY watches are available for women?

There are a number of different DKNY watches available for women. They have everything from classic wrist watches to jewelry watches. They even carry ring watches.

What if you get pregnant but you already have a tattoo?

there's no problem with that. if tattoos affected pregnant women no woman would get one. i wouldn't get one while i was pregnant, but an existing one is not a problem

Which age groups are affected from Lassa Fever?

All age groups are affected by Lassa Fever. The fatality rate is highest in pregnant women in the third trimester.

Can women get pregnant by chimp?

can a women get a women pregnant

What is the main difference between women's watches and men's watches?

Men's watches are usually much bigger with wider straps and bigger dials. Most women watches are smaller and have thinner bands. The design of the watch usually tells you whether it is for men or women, women watches tend to be more colorful and have delicate designs.

Are there any Michele watches on sale currently, on the internet or elsewhere?

Unfortunately Michele watches are made for women, so getting his and hers matching ones will be impossible unless the male member of your couple does not mind a physically small, feminine style of watch.

What are the main differences between rolex watches for men and rolex watches for women?

The main differences between Rolex watches for men and women, would be, color, style, shape, size. All Rolexs' Come in many different varieties for both men and women.

Almonds is good for pregnant women or not?

almonds is good for pregnant women.

Is ginger OK for pregnant women?

Yes. It is OK for pregnant women.

Why do women prefer to wear wrist watches on the right arm instead of the left?

Not all women prefer to wear watches on the right arm. Besides there are men who also wear watches on their right arm. It is all about comfort. Some women prefer to have a nice bracelet on their left arm which is why watches are worn on the right. There is not strict rule - it's all about comfort. Both men and women sometimes are found to wear watches on their right hand but they are generally left handed. There is no rule Bogget

Where can you go online to discuss your pregnancy symptoms?

You can go online any time to discuss your pregnancy symptoms with pregnant women. There a several very good, well known websites on the internet that offer advice, support and friendship for pregnant women.

Can pregnant women have a colposcopy?

Women who are pregnant, or who suspect that they are pregnant, must tell their doctor before the procedure begins. Pregnant women can, and should, have a colposcopy if they have an abnormal Pap test.

How women farmers were affected due to green revolution?

How women farmers were affected green revolution

Why should pregnant women not have LASIK surgery?

pregnant women or women who are breastfeeding (vision may not be stable)

Are mobile phones worse for pregnant women?

No. They're fine for pregnant women.

What kind of sperm can make women pregnant?

Any sperm can get a women pregnant.

Is sterilized milk safe for pregnant women?

Yes. It is safe for pregnant women.

Can women get pregnant after the age of fifty five?

Women can get pregnant as long as they are menstruating

How many people are living with AIDS in Swaziland?

Nearly 40% of tested pregnant women are affected. 0.6% of the population die from AIDS every year

How does a pregnant women affected by lunar or solar eclipse?

There is no effect. Though I cannot say for the affect (feeling of emotion) it might have on any one woman.

How could the flu affect pregnant women?

pregnant womentechnically aren't as physically stable as a non-pregnant women (and obviously men cause they can't get pregnant) so pregnant women are more vulnerable to the swine flu

Can Bacterial vaginosis can be present in both pregnant and non-pregnant women?

Yes, both pregnant and non-pregnant women can get BV. It's of more concern in pregnant women because it is associated with preterm labor.

The exclusion of women from medieval universities affected their lives by?

the exclusion of women from medieval universities affected their lives

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