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Q: Will the belt from a 91 Astro van 4.3L engine without AC be used on a similar air conditioned van if the compressor has been removed?
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Can AC Clutch be replaced without physically removing the Compressor on 1997 Mercury Sable?

The AC clutch cannot be replaced without physically removing the compressor on a 1997 Mercury Sable. The compressor and magnetic plate must be removed before you can access the clutch.

Can you drive a 1977 Lincoln without a compressor belt?

If this is the a/c compressor, yes you can. You will just not have air.

Can a mechanic recharge air conditioning without the compressor running?

yes but if the compressor does not work there is no reason for it.

Can you replace the AC clutch on a 2004 Honda accord without replacing the compressor?

My car is going through the same issue with the A/C. You CAN replace the compressor clutch without replacing the compressor, but the caveat is that you can't tell if the compressor is any good without a clutch. So basically you are gambling that the compressor will still be good by only replacing the clutch. Hope this helps!

What can happen if a conditioned stimulus is repeated over and over without being paired with an unconditioned stimulus?

Nothng. No response is elicited to the conditioned stimulus because it is not associated with an unconditioned stimulus.

Is it ok to run vehicle without air pressure in ac compressor?

On a vehicle with a compressor with a cycling clutch, yes.

Can the tailbone be surgically removed without after effect pain?

The coccyx can not be removed without after effect pain.

Manifold gauge fluctuates?

This can be a sign of a bad compressor and you will need to run a compressor check first, this can be done without draining the freon....

Can you put a belt on your 1997 Buick leSabre without going on the AC Compressor?

You have to go on the compressor! My husband has a 95 and the auto parts manager told him you have to.

Can a 1996 Mercedes C220 AC locked compressor be repaired without replacing with new one?

No it can't. The compressor breaks internally and that is why it locks up

How can you remove an aircondition compressor without losing the refrigerant?

Before removing the compressor from a refrigerator or other appliances, you must 'reclaim' the refrigerant. This is done by connecting a compressor-pump on the access connection and pumping the refrigerant into an approved storage tank. once the refrigerant is out of the system, you crimp & cut the lines going into the compressor. There will be compressor lube in the compressor; don't spill it or let it leak out.

Can you drive without a serpentine compressor belt?

If you have a short belt that bypasses the compressor you can drive without air conditioning. If your belt is completely off, you can drive without ac, power steering, water pump and alternator for about a quarter mile before your engine overheats.

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