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Will the car run without the oil pump?


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It will run but not for very long. No oil pump means no oil will be moving throughout the engine to lubricate and cool the engine. The engine will overheat, bearings & rings will wear and in a short amount of time the engine will lock up and self destruct.

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the oil pump is what pumps the oil, the equivalent of your heart and blood, if your heart stopped how long b4 you die?????

Yes, without a fuel pump supplying fuel the engine will not run.

a motor can not run with out oil, the motor will seize up and can break parts

If it was run without oil, the engine is most likely toast.

No, of course not. The fuel pump supplies fuel to the engine. The engine will not run without a supply of fuel.

If you run an engine without oil, the pistons will over heat, and other components in your cranckcase and parts that need oil can crack because of no oil. You'll spend big $ to get your car fixed if you run it with no oil.

it is an external pump that is run by the timing chain... right by the oil filter...

As long as there is oil in the engine it can run. If it has not had an oil change for a year even if it was stored I would change the oil/filter before driving this car.

If the car is not getting any fuel, it will not run.

If you run the car without oil ..you have more problems than the injector rails.. you cant actaly damage them with lack of oil .. however ..you will cause the motor to overheat and seize ..you will also stuff he pistons and the block ..the crank shaft will be hot welded to the piston rods..the valves at the top of the motor will be stuck and they will be worn down ..running a motor without oil ..would result in a whole engine rebuild ..or the cheaper option of replace the whole lot ...DONT RUN THE CAR WITHOUT OIL ..

no but if you try to run the car with the water pump out you could overheat your engine

Ive heard it can run of vegetable oil but not olive oil.

If the engine has been run without sufficient oil, there will be significant damage.

Run the car without the fuel pump fuse until it stops.

A bad engine oil pump could destroy the engine if allowed to continue to run. If the engine oil light stays on and or the oil pressure gauge reads "0", the engine is in serious trouble. Have it towed to a shop for diagnoses.

No, but it could run with a weak fuel pump.

No a car cannot run without the alternator installed. All the components in a car have their specific function and any missing piece will cause the car not to run.

It is incidentally, perfectly legal to runyourcar on vegetable oil, ...

Yes, both vegetable oil and gas contain the same base compound needed to run a car. Although it is cheap to run your car of vegetable oil it produces a smeel that is not particularly pleasent.

No, not unless the relay is stuck closed. It will then run but the pump will overheat and self destruct.

Your new fuel pump is apparently defective. A fuel pump is required to supply fuel to the engine, and the engine cannot run (and of course not start) without a supply of fuel.

Yep. You can run it without the bar and everything. It may leak bar oil though as most pump oil as the motor runs to lube the chain. It may have a tendency to rev higher though so don't squeeze the throttle too much.

If you bypass the fuel pump the car will not run.

The oil pump is located inside the oil pan mounted on the engine block. To access the oil pump the oil pan must be removed. Have an oil pressure test run to make sure the pump is defective before you go to all the trouble and expense of removing the oil pan.

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