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Yes, on contact.

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Q: Will the chlorine in a swimming pool kill sperm?
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How does chlorine in a swimming pool kill bacteria?

How does chlorine in a swimming pool kill bacteria ?

Can lice be spread in a swimming pool?

No they can not. The chlorine will kill them.

Will sperm die in a non-chlorine swimming pool?

Maybe maybe not

Does sperm die in a swimming pool?

No, because remember sperm is a "fish" and can swim through the water. The chlorine also wont kill it because there isn't enough in a pool to do any harm to anyone or anything.

Does the chlorine in the pool kill the sperm?

Yes. Chlorine kills all bugs including sperm. Hello. Chlorine in a swimming pool will not kill sperm. Spermicidal jelly or condoms will kill sperm. Sperm dies naturally a few hours after coming into contact with air. Sperm can live for up to 5 days inside a womans body. Yes, it will. But, if he comes directly inside you it won't kill them before they can get to the safe area inside your uterus. If he comes into the water instead you are safe though.

What is free chlorine in a swimming pool?

chlorine in a swimming pool that is free.

Which halogen is added to the swimming pool's water to kill bacteria?


Which gas is used to kill germs in a swimming pool?

Chlorine gas

Why is chlorine added to the swimming pool water?

Chlorine is a kind of salt, it is added to swimming pool waters to kill all the germs that come from other people's bodies or businesses.

All the reasons why chlorine is used in swimming pools?

You use it to kill the jerms in the pool!

What is superchlorinating?

adding a high dosage of chlorine to your swimming pool water to kill bacteria.

Where do you get chlorine from?

swimming pool

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