Will the dad ever see its baby hamsters again?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: Will the dad ever see its baby hamsters again?
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Will dad hamster eat baby boy hamsters?

yes he will eat girl and boy baby hamsters when you have mated them separate them immediately.

When can dad hamster go back and live with baby hamsters?

Never he will kill them and most likely eat them

Do mom hamsters kill dad hamsters?


Will your mom and dad dwarf hamsters hurt their babies if you touch something in their cage?

The cage's stuff is okay to touch. Just don't touch the baby hamsters or anything too close to them.

What eat a dad?


Do you wash baby guinea pigs?

I don't thinks so because the mom or dad might eat them. That's what happened to my hamsters......

What to do when hamsters have babies?

DON'T TUCH THEM, if you do the mom will eat them! Try to find a home for them when they are at least 5 weeks old. Separate them by gender when they are at least 4-5 weeks old, if you don't they will mate and you will have ALOT of baby hamsters.DO NOT put baby hamsters with their dad , if you do he will eat them or even mate with the girls.Hope this helps. Here is a website about hamsters " "

How can your hamster have a bay-be the man in the store gave 2 hamster the dad and his daughter can they 2 hamsters have a babes?

he can mate her but the baby wont come out right

Can you put 14 day old baby hamsters in the a cage with their daddy?

No! You can't even touch the baby hamster before it's AT LEAST three weeks old. If you wear gloves to put the 2 week hamster with their dad, the smell still gets on the baby. If you do magically not get your scent on the baby hamster, the dad will eat the baby ANYWAY because it is too young.

Can you put a baby Guinea pig with its dad when it has been weaned?

Yes. Guinea pig moms and dads will not eat their babies. They do not need to be separated from each other like hamsters do. The only thing you want to make sure of is that the dad is neutered or you will have more baby guinea pigs.

Can you keep your father and son Winter White hamsters together if the son is grown?

If the son is a baby or smaller than the dad, you can't because the dad will eat the son. You should put cardboard in the middle of the cage to separate them

Do hamsters eat there babys?

Yes they so but only sometimes when baby hamsters are born don't touch them until they grow a coat because if you touch the hamster when its a baby it will gain human smell so the mom will eat it and either way the male will eat it anyway when its a baby so put the male hamster in a different cages