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It would be more for the appearance of the teeth. Infection is not likely depending on how much tooth is broken. Chances are if there is pain it has affected the nerve root and needs attention.

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Q: Will the dentist makes you get a filling or a crown if a chunk of your front tooth fell out will it get infected if it's not treated immediately?
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If i do not get my broken tooth treated what will happen?

It will eventually become infected. Once its infected you'll have to get it pulled. Advice: seek the help of a dentist immediately.

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Small cracks in the teeth can be treated by filling them with a plastic resin by a dentist.

Why do I have a swollen bump in my gums?

It's called an "abscess" and needs to be treated by a dentist before it gets infected.

How to restore a broken tooth?

The infected teeth should be treated immediately by an expert dentist. Otherwise, it can cause great problems and related other health problems too. Don’t wait for getting into a more severe condition. Better to check up with the dentist and get the right treatment on time. Learn more: @charlestonoralandfacialsurgery

Should dental sealant be put over a cavity?

If the tooth has decay diagnosed by a dentist, a sealant is not recommended. A cavity needs to be treated with a filling or a crown. Ask your dentist. Sealants should only be placed on teeth that are cavity-free.

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It depends on a number of factors. If the baby tooth is infected, it needs to be treated. If the baby tooth is not expected to be lost for several months or years, it needs to be treated. On the other hand, if the baby tooth is close to being exfoliated (naturally lost), then a filling may not be necessary. You need to discuss your options with a qualified dentist. Failure to properly treat baby teeth can lead to severe and expensive problems in the future.

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