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This Depends on the type of insurance policy. A standard Auto Insurance Policy will most likely pay for permissive use so long as the driver was not excluded from the owners policy, and was not committing a felony at the time of the accident. If the Owner has a Named Driver Policy ( AKA: Drivers Policy, Non - Owners or an Operaters Policy ) then it will likely NOT pay for the drivers accident as it only covers the driver named on the policy. It will probably pay, then promptly cancel. Getting insurance just became very expensive.

2007-04-05 12:59:40
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If someone with no drivers license nor insurance has an accident with your car are you liable?

Generally yes , UNLESS they took your car without your permission, in which case you should have them arrested for car theft to protect yourself financially

Who is covered to drive your car if you give them permission to use it?

you are, unless you have insurance that covers other drivers.

What is a sentence with the word insurance?

He was arrested for driving with no insurance.For extra insurance, we will take your wife with us.The house insurance has expired.The insurance company called.

What happens if you wreck someones car who has insurance but you have no license and they are not pressing charges?

If they are not pressing charges, then they are giving you permission to drive their vehicle. If you give someone who doesn't have a drivers license permission to drive your vehicle, you are voiding your insurance coverage. The Insurance company will not pay.

Do insurance companies check the drivers details with the DVLA for 1st time insurers if the person will just be a named driver?

no, they dont have permission to check named drivers.

What drivers are covered under no fault auto Insurance?

In NY it is any driver that is driving the car with the owner's permission.

Is your car covered if the driver does not have insurance?

If you have insurance on a car anyone who you give permission to drive the vehicle is covered under your insurance. This is normally covered when insurance companies ask if there will be any other drivers for the vehicle.

Does your car insurance cover other drivers if you lend your car to them on infrequent bases?

Yes, as long as they have written or verbal permission from you.

Can 1 drive my brother car that he insures if i have no insurance of my own?

As long as you have permission from him to drive and/or his policy does not exclude other drivers.

If you have a drivers permit but not a license do you need insurance to drive someone else's car in Missouri?

No, if it's on a temporary basis, you have the permission of the owner, and the owner has liability insurance on the vehicle.

You got caught driving with no insurance for the second time?

Drivers caught with no insurance for the second time would have their driving license confiscated. They will also be arrested and will be liable for persecution.

Unlicensd teenage friend drove our car without permission and hit a tree. Will insurance cover this?

No way! The insurance certificate specifies who may drive. It will not include unlicensed drivers! Even a licensed driver, but driving without the owner's permission will not be covered by the car owner's insurance.

When you do not have any insurance AND the person who took your car without permission has no insurance and causes an accident who is responsible of the other parties damages?

You hope that the other driver responsible in the crash has insurance that covers uninsured drivers and then you sue your friend!

You own your car but on longer drive can your daughter drive the car?

Any licensed driver can with your permission, however ensure your insurance covers other drivers.

What does it mean when you say permission to drive the car Should the driver's name be included in the insurance policy?

The drivers name must be on the policy in order to drive the car. Permission should be given with extreme caution. If the friend wrecks the car, your insurance could call that irresponsible and drop coverage.

Where can insurance be acquired for new drivers?

Insurance can definitely be high for new drivers. Find out if there are any affordable insurance companies in your area that are willing to work with new drivers.

What if you get permission to drive your friends car and you crash it what will happen if she i don't want my insurance to cover it what will happen?

If your friend has auto insurance that covers other drivers, you're fine. If not, she will have to pay for the damage or sue you in civil court.

What happens if you dont have insurance and you get into a car accident driving your friends car - she has insurance?

Her insurance may state 'other drivers with the insured's permission' in which case her insurance would at least in part cover damage to other people/cars, but probably not to her own car. If her insurance does not have that clause, you are probably in trouble.

Do the insurance companies have to give cheap car insurance to young drivers?

No they do not have to and they generally do not. Young drivers are in a higher risk group which makes car insurance expensive for younger drivers.

Which company advertises cheaper insurance for young drivers?

Some companies that advertise cheaper insurance for young drivers are FreeInsuranceQuotation, and LoansStore. These are all insurance companies that advertised on articles about cheap insurance for young drivers.

Do you need auto insurance when you don't own a car?

not stays with the other words, unless you or ''other drivers'' are excluded from a vehicle policy, whomever drives that vehicle WITH PERMISSION is an ''insured driver'' of that vehicle.

If you have full coverage insurance and a person who is not on the policy gets into an accident what happens?

It depends on the policy provider but my Allstate Insurance covers licensed drivers who drive my vehicle with my permission. Mine also covers me when I drive an uninsured car.

What is California car insurance for new drivers?

Drivers car insurance in California is usually around 200 dollars a month. This however depends on the insurance and the other restrictions on different drivers in California.

How much is the average learning driver's car insurance?

Car insurance for new, young drivers is more expensive then adult's car insurance. The reason is drivers have to prove to the insurance companies that they are safe drivers. The average insurance for new drivers is anywhere from $2000 to $5000 a year, depending on the type of vehicle insured and one's location.

What insurance covers you in any car you drive?

Usually cars are insured for that specific vehicle. Clauses in the policy will detail the coverage of other drivers and any exclusions such as age or license requirements etc. If you have the drivers permission you are usually covered so long as you meet these clauses. To get insurance that covers any car you personally drive you will have to contact the insurance companies to go through what you require.