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Yes, the DSi XL and 3DS use the same charger.

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Q: Will the dsi XL charger work on the 3DS?
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Do ds chargers work on 3ds?

No, the 3DS charger is different than the DS charger. However, the DSi charger (as well as the DSi XL) is the same as the 3DS and 3DS XL

Does a dsi xl charger work on the 3ds?


Is a DSi charger the same as a 3DS charger?

Yes. The DSi, DSi XL, 3DS and 3DS charge cradle all use the same charger.

Can you charge a DSi with a 3DS charger?

Yes. The DSi, XL and 3DS all use the same charger.

Does a dsi XL have the same charger as a normal dsi?

Yes, it does. The DSi XL uses the same charger as both the DSi and the 3DS.

What charger will work on the DSi?

When you bought the DSi a charger, it should of come with one. If not you can easily buy a DSi charger from any gaming stores. Also a Nintendo DSi XL charger as well as the Nintendo 3DS (and XL) charger will work since they are the same.

Do you need a charger for a 3DS?

A charger comes with the system or you can use a dsi/dsi XL charger.

Does a 3DS charger work for a 3DS XL?

Yes, they use exactly the same charger, which is the same charger as the two DSi models also.

Can a Nintendo DS charger work for a DSi?

No. A Nintendo DS or DS lite charger does not work on any other system. The DSi, DSiXL, 3DS, and 3DS XL systems have the same charger.

Will the DSi charger work on the DSi XL?

Yes, the DSi charger is the same as the DSi XL.

Can a 3ds charge with a ds lite charger?

No, though it can use a DSi or DSi XL's charger.

Will a DS charger work on a DSi XL?

No, the DSi XL has its own charger.

Can you charge a DSi without a DSi charger?

Yes, you can. However, all options still require a charger: The DSi XL, 3DS and 3DS XL chargers are all the same and can charge a Nintendo DSi

Does the 3ds use the same charger as the 3dsXL?

Yes. The DSi, DSiXL, 3DS, and 3DS XL all have the same charger.

Will your DS Lite charger fit a 3DS?

No, the DS lite charger will not fit. You'd need at least the DSi/DSi XL charger which is the same as the 3DS one.

How do you charge a DSi XL with a DS charger?

You can't, the DSi XL needs the pale grey DSi/3DS charger. It can't be charged using the black DS charger or the dark grey DS Lite charger.

Does skylanders work for DSI XL?

No but for 3ds

Can you use the DS charger for the 3DS XL?

No, the original NDS charger is the same as the GBA SP charger and will not work for the 3DS XL.

Does Pokemon conquest work on dsi?

Yes, Pokémon Conquest works on a DSi, DS lite, DSi XL, 3DS, & the 3DS XL. Hope this helps! ;)

Is the 3DS XL the same size as the DSi XL?

No. The 3DS XL is slightly smaller than the DSi XL

Does the Nintendo DSi charger fit the Nintendo DSi XL?

yes a dsi charger fits a dsi XL and a dsi XL fits the dsi

Can you play 3DS games on a DSi XL?

No. 3DS games are not compatible with the DSi XL.

Can 3DS XL use 3DS charger?

Yes, the 3DS XL uses the same charger as the standard 3DS.

What is the difference between the Dsi or Dsi XL and 3DS?

the Dsi and and Dsi XL has only one difference the Dsi XL has a larger screen. The 3Ds has 3D.

Will the DSI lite charger work on the DSI XL?

No. The DS lite, DSi, and DSi XL all require different chargers.