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Fit, maybe, but run correctly no. The 1993 is OBD1 & the 1996 is OBD2. Look for a 1996 engine and make sure you get a VTEC if that is what the 1996 is equipped with.


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Ok, you have a 1993 Honda Accord. Have a question.

1993 honda accord is obd1 not obd2

( Yes ) , the 2.2 liter - 4 cylinder engine in a 1993 Honda Accord ( IS an interference engine ) according to Gates ( they make timing belts etc . )

can someone help me i need to know how to set the timer on a 1993 Honda accord

There are several vacuum lines on a 1993 Honda Accord. Each vacuum lines delivers air to different parts of the engine.

The 1993 oxygen sensor is the best sensor for a 1993 Honda Accord EX.

probably not, the accord layout changed quite a bit from 1987 to 1993

With modifications probably - - but the CR-V was powered by the Civic engine that year and would probably be under-powered for the larger Accord.

A 1993 Honda Accord automatic transmission requires 2.5 quarts of fluid.

where do I add brake fluid to my Honda accord 92

The 1993 Honda Accord used a F-series engine. The transmission will easily and safely bolt into the 1996 model as it uses the same type of engine.

there is no transmission pan on the 1993 accord it has a sealed case

The 1993 Honda accord, I believe, does NOT have CD Player. It only have cassette and radio player.

how much does a iat sensor cost on a 2000 Honda accord

cb7 = chassis code for the fourth generation(1990-1993) honda accord

The 1993 Honda Accord low side Freon fill port will be on the air conditioner compressor. The air conditioner compressor will be on the left-hand side of the engine.

How do I troubleshooting the D4 blinking on 1993 Honda accord LX ?

How do you install a cluch pedal spring on a 93 honda accord

The valve adjustment specs on a 1993 Accord are as follows Intake-0.0008 to 0.0018 inch Exhaust-0.0022 to 0.0031 inch these specs are for the 1993 Accord ONLY!! if you have a 1990-1992 these specifications change.

How do you install a turn signal switch in a four door 1993 Honda Accord

With the stock Civic engine, no. If you swap the Accord engine in, yes. The swap involves notching or bashing in your frame rails or machining the crank pulley and a myriad of other things however. No

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