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no it will not slightly longer.

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Q: Will the hood from a 1996 4cylinder accord fit onto a 1996 v6 accord?
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Where is a oil filter on a 1986 Honda Accord?

Screwed onto the engine block.

How can you get the hood latch to catch?

spray lots of wd40 onto it

When was Holdin' Onto Somethin' created?

Holdin' Onto Somethin' was created in 1996.

Will 92 vw golf rims bolt onto a 95 Honda accord?

No they will not. The golf is a 4x100 offset 38, the accord is a 4x114.3, offset 46.

Where is the speed sensor on a 1995 Honda accord lx automatic transmission?

Under Your Hood AnswerHello, Your speed sensor is located on the top of your tranny near the firewall. The electrical part of this sensor bolts down onto the gear driven part.

Can you put a 1972 Lemans hood onto a 1971 Lemans?


Is the alternator on a 2000 Honda accord bolted onto the motor block or on a bracket?

On the Bracket for sure

Could a coyote jump onto a car hood?

yes a coyote could jump onto a car hood, but it also depends on the height of the car, if it's moving and many other basic thing!!

Why is there water leaking onto the passenger side floor of your 96 Honda accord?

Condensation from air conditioning?

How do you change the hood on a Honda Prelude?

Should be two people doing this as the hood is quite large and difficult to handle. Open hood Remove lines to nozzles Remove bolts holding it onto the hinges on either side Remove hood

Can you put a dodge neon srt-4 hood onto a 2002 neon sxt?


Where would the engine size be found under the hood of a 1979 Chevy Malibu?

IT should be on a white sticker somewhere under the hood. Read all of them and you stumble onto it.

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