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apatite can not scratch glass. it is considered number 5 1/2 on the Mohs Scale Of Hardness. Apatite is number 5 on the scale and can only scratch itself and all of the minerals lower on the scale.

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Which object can scratch apatite but not feldspar?

Glass can scratch apatite but not feldspar.

Which object can scratch calcite but not apatite?

On the Mohs mineral hardness scale, calcite is about a 3, and apatite is about a 5. So, whatever is at a hardness of 4 will scratch a 3 but not a 5. That mineral is fluorite.

Which mineral will not scratch quartz topaz calcite or corundum?

apatite will not scratch quartz topaz calcite or corundum

What unknown mineral is found to scratch apatite and to be scratched by corundum?

bacially it has a hard harness.

Is apatite a mineral?

Yes Apatite is a mineral.

What mineral can be scratched with a steel knife or window glass?

apatite with a steel knife feldspar with window glass

Why can diamond scratch glass?

Diamond is the hardest natural mineral, and will scratch glass, because glass is softer than diamond.

Which mineral will scratch glass but not pyrite?


What mineral would scratch glass?


Can apatite scratch glass?

Probably not as apatite has a Mohs hardness of 5.0 and window glass lies between 5.0-6.0 on the Mohs scale. A higher Mohs number cannot be scratched by a lower number.

What mineral will scratch with a window glass or a knife blade?

Diamond will scratch anything.

Is this statement true or false that apatite can scratch calcite?

The statement is true. Apatite can indeed scratch calcite.

What mineral will not scratch glass?

A few minerals that do not scratch glass come to mind . . . talc, asbestos, mica, for instance.

How is a apatite rock formed?

There is no such thing as an apatite rock but their is an apatite mineral

What mineral can scratch a piece of glass?

Any mineral with roughly a hardness of 6 or more on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness could scratch glass, which is roughly 5.5 on the Mohs scale. Some minerals that could scratch glass would be quartz, topaz, corundum, and diamond.

Which mineral could be scratch by glass but NOT by a penny?


What mineral will scratch glass but not a streak plate?


Which mineral will scratch glass but will be scratched by a nail?


Which minerals on the mohs scale will scratch apatite?

Minerals that will scratch apatite must be more than a 5 on the Moh's hardness scale. So feldspar, quartz, topaz, corundum, and diamond will scratch apatite.

Does the mineral serpentine scratch glass?

No. The hardness of serpentine is 3-4.5, whereas a hardness of at least 7 is needed to scratch glass.

Can fluorite scratch apatite?

No it cant.

Can apatite scratch calcite?


Which minerals can scratch apatite?

gypsum can

Why can diamonds scratch glass?

Diamond is a harder mineral than the minerals used to make glass.

Is apatite a metallic or non-metallic mineral?

Apatite is metallic.