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Will the moon ever hit the earth?

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No. Most likely not. Current scientific theories suggest that the moon was created around 4 billion years ago when a proto-planet smashed into the young earth. The resulting debris that was scattered into outerspace either fell to earth or coalesced into the moon. When the moon first formed it was about 16 times closer to the earth at the time and has been slowly moving further away. Current estimates are that it moves about 6 inches further away every year. So instead of hitting the earth, it will most likely someday be released from earth's gravitational hold and fly off into an unknown space destiny and away from earth for eternity.

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yes moon peaces were astroids long time ago.

An asteroid had hit Earth and knocked of a chunk that is now called the moon.

When the earth is between the moon and the sun, it is a 'full moon', or we see the most of the moon that we ever will from earth. This is also a potential time for a lunar eclipse.

if a meteor hit earth and a piece of earth (the moon) chipped off. earths gravitational pull could be sufficient to make the moon orbit around the earth.

The Moon is pelted with small space rocks just as the Earth is, with a couple of exceptions. 1. The Moon is a lot smaller than the Earth, so it is hit less often. 2. The Moon is less massive and its gravity is lower, so the space rocks aren't moving as fast when they hit the Moon as they are when they hit the Earth. 2. The Moon has no atmosphere, so there are no meteors on the Moon; however, we do see the explosions as the Moon is hit by the falling space rocks.

Yes it is believed that comets have hit the Earth in the past.

Never. The Moon is actually getting further away from Earth (very, very slowly).

No it is not at all likely.

The rays from the sun take 8 minutes to hit the earth

Many asteriods have hit the Earth over the millions of years.

A mars-sized object hit the earth and the piece that broke off became the moon

as other people say moon come from the earth so it means that when the earth was formed millions years ago something hit earth and a part of earth riped apart and that was the moon

No. The only body outside the earth that humans have ever landed on is the moon. When Mars is as close to Earth as it can ever get, it's about 200 times farther away than the moon is.

YES!!the moon revolves and orbits the earth at the SAME RATEhence, we only ever see 1 side of the moon.

No Earth women have ever been on the moon, but many have been over the moon.

the moon receeds a few centimeters a year, So, the answer is NO. Why? Well, the moon formed because something hit Earth. Now, physics says that if two object collide, the energy expended in the collision is going to be sent outwards in an equal amount. So, the moon is getting farther away because the collision with Earth sent it flying.

The Moon has been hit by many meteorites that might have hit Earth, so without a moon Earth may have suffered from more impacts. Also, the Moon is responsible for slowing down the rotation of Earth, so with no Moon the length of day would be much longer. The Moon is causing the tides, so these would be gone.

nonononononononononononoononononononononon,not ever

Craters? If we didn't have the moon everything would hit the earth. Who ever wrote that is a liar! Actually the Earth's atmosphere burns up our meters. And craters is correct.

because it is amalgamated debris from when a mars sized planet hit earth

The moon is slowly receding from the earth due to the conservation of momentum

you can be directly bettween the center of the earth and the moon, if that's what you mean

No one will ever know. Millions or even billions of asteroids hit the Earth during it's formation stage.

It was found out by scientists that the moon is uneven, because just like other places in the universe, they get hit by asteroids, or meteors. The Earth very rarely gets hit by them, but sense the moon is out in space, closer to them, the moon got hit, making craters in the moon, that's also why, (down here on Earth) it looks like there is a face on the moon, or "Man on the Moon."