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Q: Will the salt in a salt water pool with a chlorine generator cause metal pipes to erode and eventually leak?
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What happens when headlands erode?

Eventually, the headlands will erode and get smaller and smaller until it turns into lots of stumps and then they will erode over time.

How do bacteria cause cavities?

Bacteria convert sugar and simple carbohydrates into acids, which erode the enamel, eventually resulting in a cavity.

How would you use erode in a sentence?

the rushing water cause the hill to erode

Would raising the base level cause a stream to gain energy or erode?


How does a waterfall erode?

They water that flows over the edge takes rocks which erode the softer rock away. This normally undercuts the hard rock which eventually collapes.

How do glaciers erode?

They cause abrasion to the rock as it moves.

Can you give me a sentence using the word erode?

Example sentence - The endless rains would cause the burnt hillside to erode.

How do cliffs erode?

cliffs erode because when the ocean waves hit the rock they bring back pebbles and sediment. this eventually erodes and "eats" at the rock. this forms a cliff.

Can volcanoes exist forever?

No. All volcanoes will eventually go extinct and erode away.

Can glaciers erode at sea level?

Yes, wind and wave action can cause significant weathering to the glacier along the water line, eventually causing large chunks to break off and fall into the ocean to become icebergs.

How can acids in groundwater cause chemical weathering?

the acids erode the rock away.

How does wind cause beaches to erode?

the wind whips at the sand and rocks and erodes them

Do mountains increase or decrease in size?

Decrease, wind will eventually erode them. (Though this will take a VERY long time.)

What is a way waves cause erosion?

A way waves cause erosion: waves wear away the land and erode the surface.

Do soda hurt your teeth?

Yes, as it will erode the enamel and will eventually begin to deteriorate the teeth and cause cavities. But this will only happen if you drink multiple sodas a day, every day for the rest of your life. Brushing and mouthwash will help prevent this.

How do waves create a cave?

Waves keep hitting the side of a cliff and eventually erode enough rock to form a cave

In a desert would it erode if it rained?

Yes, heavy rains can cause erosion in a desert.

How can changes in temperature cause rocks to erode?

The temperature heats the rock and breaks it (erodes).

Can snow cause erosion?

Yes! When snow melts the resulting water can erode things.

Does heat and metamorphism cause rock to weather and erode?

No because it is rain and running water.

What would happen to life on earth if ther was no soil?

rocks would erode and eventually create more soil. otherwise who cares

What will happen to the old harry rocks in the future?

he will eventually end up like his wife as a stump, then he may erode and be under the sea

What is an antonym for erode?

What is an antonym for erode

Why are fixed anchors bad for the environment?

A fixed anchor can cause the rock to erode away faster.

How can groundwater cause erosion?

The dirt and earth erode the water away and not the other way around.

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