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A larger monitor will marginally slow down your computer. In most cases, you will not notice the difference.

As for affecting gameplay, it depends on what games you are playing. Some games will simply resize the screen to fit the larger monitor, while others will allow you to see more of the environment on a larger monitor.

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Does the number of Gbytes affect the speed of your computer?


Where does Speed Fan get the information it uses to monitor the computer?

I think it's from the BIOS. Not sure though

How does system clock speed affect a computer speed?

It doesn't. They are two separate things.

The factors that affect the speed at which the computer runs are RAM and?


Does having an overheating CPU affect computer speed?


Does different clock speed of RAM affect the performance of a computer?

NO it does not

How does the CPU clock speed affect the CPU?

A CPU's clock speed is how fast a computer can execute an action and the quicker the clock speed the quicker the computer can execute the action

What do you use to speed up hardware on computer?

You can't speed up hardware. Also, deleting files will barely speed up your computer.(20 GB of deleting will only affect your computer by milliseconds)

How does the RAM affect the processor speed?

It doesn't affect the processor speed at all, however it does affect the overall speed of the computer 'cause you'd have more space to store processes (aka applications or programs executing).

How does CD ROM affect the speed of a computer?

Here is the actual question: Explain the role of each of the following in determining the speed of a computer: CD Rom

How is a computer affect the way people work?

it offered speed and convenience to work....

What role does data on a floppy disk play in determining the speed of a computer?

If the data on a floppy is a VIRUS or a Worm it would affect the speed of the PC. otherwise data in a floppy does not determine the speed of your computer

How does a floppy disk affect computer speed?

A floppy drive does not in itself affect computer speed. Some poorly designed operating systems may temporarily stop responding when a floppy disk is being written to, but these systems are rare nowadays.

Does bus speed affect internet speed?

Yes but you still need a good isp such as IVC Telecom

How does processor speed affect the performance of a computer?

All data used by a computer is going through the CPU. the larger the cache size and the higher the clock speed, the faster your PC will operate.

What role does data on CD ROM play in determining the speed of a computer?

The CD ROM does not have any affect on the speed of the CPU or the speed of the Frontside Bus. The CPU and Frontside Bus is what carries data and the CD ROM is not connected nor involved with the speed of the computer.

What determines how fast your computer is?

There are several factors that are all involved in the speed (or lack thereof) of your computer. To simplify, the major components that directly affect the speed of your computer are: * Processor speed * Bus speed (communication between the motherboard and the processor) * Memory speed/quantity * Hard drive speed There are other items that can have an impact on the speed as well, such as how many applications are running in the background, and what services are running.

Does the disk space on a computer affect it's processing speed?

No, space on a hard drive does not affect the speed of a computer's processor. If you are asking if it will slow it down then: No, if you have enough ram and your hard drive is not fragmented

How different softwares will affect the speed of computer?

Well it all depends on how fast your computer is and what kind of software you are going to put on it. EX: Norton will slow your computer down by about 50%. There are many different types of software and some will not affect your computer much at all.

What determines the speed of a laptop?

The main factors in a laptop's speed are its processor and memory. The graphics card also affects speed. The presence of malware can also affect speed by slowing down a computer.

What factors affect computer network topology?

cost..conplexity...reliability...speed and distance...maintenance cist

What is the action replay code for increasing the speed of gameplay for Pokemon pearl?

there isn't one

Can speed of the computer get affected if you connect a power cable from CRT monitor to CPU directly?

There will be no effect on the computer speed if a CRT monitor's power cable is directly connected to the CPU. Though the PSU, or, the power supply unit must be upgraded to a 500 W one .

How do you make a good striker on fifa 09?

i put his power and finishing up to 99 and just made is speed really good he was amazing in the gameplay i won agains computer on pro 11-2

What is the meaning of speed of computer?

The speed of the computer processor.

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