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No coz the rocket lauches change once a week sorry but i have to wait

Answerdon't care AnswerI don't think so I think it only go's up once you have defeated the elite four.After you have SMASHED them 100 times the man in the rocket place says would you like to go on please say yes because that's where you will catch jirachi!

it adds every hour after you beat the elite four the first time

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Q: Will the space rocket count go up if you leave Pokemon Emerald on all night?
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Pokemon Emerald how to get to new regions?

In Pokemon Emerald, it's impossible to leave the Hoenn Region. The Kanto, Johto, and Sinnoh Regions are inaccessible in Emerald. Sorry.

Can you complete Pokemon Emerald in 1minute without Pokemon?

..If that's the case why do they put 'Pokemon Emerald'[with heavy emphasise on the word 'Pokemon']on the box in which contains the cartridge anyways? And no way can you finish Pokemon Emerald in 60 seconds. You can't even leave your hometown without a Pokemon.

What should you do at altering cave at Pokemon emerald?

Nothing just leave.

Where find silph scope Pokemon leaf green?

After defeating the boss rocket in the rocket game corner he will drop the silph scope take it then leave.

How long do you leave Pokemon to breed in Pokemon emerald?

if you go into a pokecenter and heal ur pokemon, then go back to breeding area normally u will get an egg

Is wynaut a good pokemon I got it in a egg in pokemon emerald but should i train it or leave it in the pc S?

Wynaut is generally considered to be a good, but weak Pokemon. If you got it in Emerald, you may consider leaving it in the pokeball as it has a weak defense and offense.

How do you get a silph scope in pokemon leafgreen?

Defeat Team Rocket's Boss in the game corner he will leave the silph scope behind take it then leave.

Can you get an emerald advance if on sick leave?

Can u get emerald advance loan if on sick leave

Where are Archie and maxie after they leave soottopolis city in Pokemon emerald?

They are at Mt. Pyre, where you will see them for the last time in the game.

How do you get past team rocket guarding saffron gym Pokemon red?

You have to go through the Silph CO. tower. once you beat the tower, team rocket will leave the city.

How can you get an egg in Pokemon emerald?

Leave to Pokemon of the same type or same species in day care. Wait a while. Revisit the man outside to claim your egg.

How do you gt the silph scope on Pokemon fire Version?

In the Rocket Hideout which is based below the Celadon City Game Corner, defeat the Rocket boss and he will leave behind the Silph Scope.

Where is raquaza on Pokemon Emerald?

at the sky pillar it will leave on the first visit, though. also, DON'T use your mster ball on it.

How do you get the go-goggles in Pokemon Emerald?

After you beat the lavaridge gym your rival will meet you in front of the gym when you leave and give you the goggles

What ways can data on your Pokemon white cartridge be deleted with out you touching it?

I found out that when you leave a game cartridge in the sun too long it will automatically erase, i happened to me with pokemon emerald!

Can Pokemon still evolve even if you leave it at the daycare then take it out and train it in Pokemon emerald?

Yes it can but it will take a long time Andy P. rocks and his sister rocks to

Where does team aqua go after they leave their hideout in lilycove in Pokemon Emerald?

somewhere under the sea. KEEP ON TRUCKIN UNTIL YOU FIND IT!

How do you get Team Rocket to leave the radio tower in Goldenrod City in Pokemon SoulSilver?

You have to go to the very top floor and defeat the fake president.

How do you get in the rocket hideout on Pokemon LeafGreen?

You simply talk to the Rocket Grunt next to the poster at the back of the Celadon Game Corner and he will fight you. If you win, he will leave. Talk to the poster, and some stairs appear. Go down them.

How do you evolve my nincada into ghost form in Pokemon emerald?

Leave an extra space in your Pokemon party then train nincada to level 20 it will become ninjask but if you check your Pokemon party you should also notice a shedinja has appeared.

Will mirage tower go away if you leave desert Pokemon emerald?

Yes, but it could come back again. It will disappear permanently if you take a fossil.

In Pokemon Fire Red how do you get Lorelei back to the elite four i already beat the team rocket people in the cave but she is in her house now saying how she cant leave?

if you have already defeated team rocket in their warehouse and retrieved the sapphire then go to lorelais house on four island and talk to her. then go one island and hand him the sapphire. you will now be able to re fight the elite four and trade with ruby/sapphire/emerald games

How do you clone Pokemon without cheating?

I discovered it on accident. get the pokemon you wanna clone then trade it to another game leave the trade room and then turn off the power before saving after you leave. once you turn it back on both games will have the cloned pokemon get a different pokemon to trade to the other game get your cloned pokemon back and viola! I do not know if it works on legendary pokemon. it only works on fire red and emerald.

How do you make eggs in Pokemon emerald?

Leave Pokemon at the daycare center. You need two Pokemon of the same type (two fire type or two grass Pokemon). One has to be male and one has to be female. Whatever Pokemon the female is you will get the first form of that Pokemon. You can also use the Pokemon ditto and any other Pokemon of any sex and you will get the Pokemon you put in with ditto.

Where is the lift key in Pokemon Fire Red?

In the rocket game corner head to B3 a rocket in the corner will lose the lift key after you beat him take it then operate the lift on B2 then go to B4 beat the rockets then the rocket leader take the silph scope then leave head to lavendar town and in Pokemon tower head to the top and save mr fuji talk to him to get the pokeflute.

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