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Bigger rims

Not if you do it right. If the vehicle is a Chrysler, most independent mechanics can reset tire size in the vehicle's computer to keep the transmission shift opoints and speedometer correct and on a GM, the dealer can do this for you as well.

If the vehicle is something else, just make sure the overall diameter of the tire is the same. Unfortunately, the sizes are usually a bit complicated, as they use a combination of US Standard (fractional) and Metric (SI) units in a single size. While a 31x10.5x15 tire has an overall diameter of pi*31in, a P205/75r15 has an overall size of (((205mm*0.75*2)+15in)*pi).

Depending on your tire size type, just plug in the numbers and you'lkl see what the overall diameter is. If can do 6th grade algebra, you can compute the most appropriate size tire for the new rim size to keep overall size nearly the same. Ask you kids for help if needed.

The speedometer is calibrated based on the overall tire diameter on the vehicle from the factory. If you put larger rims on with sidewalls as high as the original tires, the speedometer will not be accurate as the overall tire diameter has increased.

I've been told that you can "net out" the difference of bigger rims with thinner tires (i.e. the diameter of the tire/wheel stays the same).

If you change the diameter your speedo will NOT be accurate. Tire shops may have some idea as to how much it will be off. The best thing would be to have a mechanic recalculate your speedo.

if you get bigger tires (like i have) i have 35x12.5 tires on 15 inch rims.. but in your case if you had a 15 inch rim on 20 inch tires and bumped it up to a 20 inch tire on 18 rims, your speedo shouldn't change, and if you are having it done, they would recal. anyway..just ask the tire place.


if combined wheel and tire diameter is bigger than factory specs , your speedo will be inaccurate. most tire shops have no idea or the equipment to recalibrate a good mechanic can recalibrate if your vehicle has a computer

dang, i think all he wanted to know was--- you will be going faster that what the speeddometer says

I don't know about the rest , but when i changed mine to a bigger wheel yes the speedometer did change thus i got a ticket for going TO FAST.....

taller tires always slows the speedometer. so you are actually traveling a little bit faster than the speedo indicates to you..

rim size has nothing to do with this.

tire height is where it is.


if you want to change speedometer,

you can get a odometer correction tool to change.

If you are buying larger rims, have the dealer figure the tire that will still match the tire rotation speed as the OEM tire.

I would like to add that many of the same exact vehicles have different size tires and rims from the factory.

A 1998 Dodge Caravan comes standard with 205-70-14 but the same Dodge Caravan can get custom alloy rims and they would be 215-65-16...the exact same turning speed as the 14" tires and rims.

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Q: Will the speedometer change if you put on larger rims?
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Will the speedometer change and will the transmission be affected if you put on larger rims?

If the overall diameter of your tire and wheel combination is different then yes, it will change. Use this link to calculate the differences and the changes you will see. The PCM can be reprogrammed to reflect changes that you make. Then click on the "find what fits" It will give you all the info you need.

Can you put 15 inch tires and rims on a car with 14 inch tires and rims?

A: Yes, but you may have to switch to a low profile tire to get enough clearance between tire and wheel well A: Warning - Changing tire size can change the calibration of the speedometer. It could also change the emissions compliance of the automobile and may, therefore, be illegal.

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The car would look very odd with larger wheels.

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you do not need to change your brakes, but the extra wait from the rims will burn up your brakes alot quicker. if u have the money it is best to put on some slotted roters

Can 20'' rims fit on 1998 CLK 320?

yes , you can put on very car 20" rims but you should change the disc where the wheel is putted on

How do i Correct Tacoma speedometer error?

I have noticed this problem as well. The next time you put on tires, go to a larger size.

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Can you put 22 inch rims on 1999 mustang?

can i put 22 inch rims on 1999 mustang

Can I put 17 inch tires on my existing wheel?

If you want to replace the current tires on your vehicle with a 17 inch tire you will have to have the proper rims for that tire. If you currently have rims for a 17 inch tire then you would not have to replace them but if your tire rims are smaller or larger then they would have to be replaced.

I just put 24 inch rims on your 1994 Chevrolet caprice you drove down the street and the abs light on your dash is on how can you fix it and can you still put the rims on?

If you put the stock tires back on and it goes out, this would mean that the system isn't damaged. You probably just have to calibrate the speedometer to accomodate for the bigger tire diameter. I'm pretty sure that this can be done with a hypertech programmer or similar.

Can you put 14 inch tires and rims on a car with 15 inch tires and rims?

Yes but your speedometer would have to be recalibrated to reflect accurate speed and mileageANS 2 - And the smaller tires may come dangerously close to the load rating for that tire and vehicle . = NOT a good idea .Answer 3, the 14 inch rims may not clear the brake calipers.

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