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Q: Will the sun lighten a birthmark?
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How do you lighten a birthmark?

use AMBI its a skin lightning cream that I'm currently using

What is the correct way to say The dark clouds will lighten as the sun lowers?

The answer is: The dark clouds will lighten as the sun lowers.

Is the sun bad for your hair?

Sun is not bad for hair,sun can lighten hair,but is not bad for it.

How do you lighten blonde hair?

You could bleach your hair, or being in the sun could even lighten your hair a little.

What is the sun's nightly work?

To lighten and heat the other side of the world.

What ways can you lighten skin?

Stay out of the sun and bathe with cold water

Is there a way besides lemons and cremes to lighten skin tone?

stay out of the sun

How can you lighten your hair naturally?

To lighten your hair naturally without the use of harmful dyes, you can go out in the sun more. You can also try using lemon juice.

Does dyed brown hair go ginger in the sun?

It actually kinda does!! I had light blonde hair, then i died it brown. Now the browns fading out and it looks kinda ginger. The sun will lighten it a little but there is no way it will lighten it to ginger.

What is an example sentence using the word birthmark?

She was born with a cute heart shaped birthmark on her wrist.

Why would black hair slowly turn brown?

The sun might lighten your hair.

Where is michael jackson's birthmark?

The closest thing he had to a birthmark was a mole on his cheek. He did not have an actual birthmark though.

Does Joe Jonas have a Birthmark?

Joe Jonas does have a birthmark.

Where is Selena Gomez's birthmark?

Her birthmark is near her stomach.

Is a birthmark scary?

If you pee on your birthmark it will swell down

Is there any way to get rid of a large birthmark?

Short of cosmetic surgery, your best bet is to cover it with make-up. You could also put sun screen on just the birthmark and go tanning to bring the rest of your skin tone up to match the birthmark. You of course can't cover the birthmark perfectly, but just getting the sunscreen on the general area will help.

How do you get your hair blonder?

you can bleach it but if you want a natural alternative you can get lemon juice and sit in the sun the sun is the natural way to lighten your hair

Why does hair get lighter in the Summer?

The sun lightens your hair If you get in a swimming pool the chlorine can lighten it some.

How do you lighten your hair without dye?

yes put lemon juice on your hair and go out in the sun :)

How do you NATURALLY lighten skin?

Go outside a lot in hot whether, i dunno.:)Stay out of the sun.

Where is Georgiana's birthmark in The Birthmark by Nathaniel Hawthorne?

Georgianna had a small birthmark on her cheek, on her face; it was the shape of a tiny hand.

What if you have a star birthmark?

If you have a star birthmark, it means you are super cool.

What does the birthmark symbolize in Hawthorne's book the Birthmark?

God's Hand

What does the number 7 mean when its a birthmark?

Number 7 birthmark

Where is Justin Bieber birthmark?

Justin Bieber's birthmark is on his shoulder.