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The Undertaker took time off but returned to WWE.

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Who Thinks Undertaker Will Return then Answer you?

i think he will return because the undertaker said ''i will always return''.

Will undertaker return at unforgiven?

Undertaker may return at summerslam not unforgiven

Why was undertaker a biker in the WWE?

He's a biker in real life! I think he, and some other people, just wanted a change from the Dead man persona. I, personally, think it was awesome, specifically his theme song! Answer: Actually the biker gimmick was used before he started the Undertaker gimmick.

Will the undertaker return in 2010?

the undertaker is going to return in 2010 because Kane and the nxus burid the dead man the undertaker and

When is the undertaker going to return to WWE?

I think undertaker will return at royal rumble or at wreslemaina !

When is the Undertaker to return?

The Undertaker returned at SummerSlam of 2008.

What date did the undertaker change to his biker attire?

i don't know. ask him by your self or call him

Will the undertaker return at 2.1.12?

they say that undertaker may return. its up to him though, so if he doesnt decide if he wants to return he wont. undertaker MAY NOT return because of how serious the injury was but there is never a correct answer. BUT MOST LIKELY YES.

Does undertaker return in wrestlemania27?

no never he wont and he will not return

When will the undertaker return to wrestling?

The Undertaker is schelduled to come back at Summerslam

When will the undertaker return to the WWE?

The Undertaker is scheduled to reappear at Summer Slam.

Will undertaker return at summersalm?

No he won't.. Because Undertaker is DEAD [R.I.P.] ;(

Will Undertaker become the Biker he once was again?

Unless he gets a promotion, we will be seeing more DeadMan

Why did the Undertaker change from the biker look to the dark evil look?

because bikers are too soft............ but dead people=just right to be honest the biker was just a waste of all them years he was it .how can he be a biker and be called undertaker? since when do you see a real undertaker lead a real funeral procession on a harley? and what the hell was deadman incorporated all about? OMG..... you just don't get it do you. The wwe wanted him to change and taker wanted to go back to the deadman.

When does undertaker return?

In every Wrestlemania.

Will the undertaker ever return to the WWE?

yes he will vs. randy Orton at sommerslam No Undertaker has not said when he will return and he certainly will not be facing Orton

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