Will the zoom lens from your Canon SLR camera work on a Canon digital camera?

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In short, yes. More specifically, as long your zoom lens is an "EF" mount lens, it will work with all Canon Digital-SLR models from the EOS line. You can determine if a lens is an EF mount from the full name of the lens. The full name of the lens is usually written on the outside of the len itself.
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Has Canon fixed the zoom mechanism on its digital cameras that resulted in an E18 error yet?

Answer The "E18 error" is a code that flashed on the screen of many older models of Canon cameras if the camera encountered problems during the lens extension process. Many things can cause this problem, such as the lens being obstructed during extension, or from sand or grit interference in the ge ( Full Answer )

Will Canon 35mm camera lenses fit a new Canon SLR digital camera?

Lenses From 35 mm Fitting Canon SLR . Absolutely! The only trouble I have had is with a 2X converter and a 400mm lens. It would not auto focus or stop down. I still got an OK photo of the moon. I migrated ALL my lenses successfully. I think film lenses work on digital. Digital do not work on film ( Full Answer )

Do old SLR camera lenses fit new Canon digital cameras?

It depends on how old. Canon EF lenses made since 1987 for Canon EOS bodies will fit the new Canon EOS digital bodies. The older FD lenses (before 1987) will not fit Canon EOS bodies, film or digital.

Can Canon SLR lenses be used with a digital Canon Camera?

Canon EF lenses that fit Canon EOS cameras will fit all Canon digital SLR bodies. Canon FD lenses that fit Canon SLR's made before 1987 will not fit any EOS or digital EOS camera body. It depends on which DSLR you have as to which lenses can be used.

What is the best digital zoom camera lens?

Depending on your camera, lenses are available or not available.. Nikon, Canon, Olympus etc., all have very good zoom lenses for their cameras. You will also find good lenses from Tamron, Sigma, and Tokina, that would suite your requirement. However, I am assuming that you have an SLR camera...

Where can you buy a Canon digital camera?

Where To Purchase Canon Digital Cameras Online, you could do a Google search for "purchase Canon cameras," go to Canon's official site, or look for them on eBay or Amazon. Offline, you can go to Best Buy, Circuit City, Radio Shack, or similar stores. You could also try Wal Mart.

Is a Canon Rebel lens compatible with any Canon digital cameras?

The Canon Rebel film bodies use the EF mount lenses. All modern Canon EOS cameras, including all digital EOS cameras will also accept EF mount lense. The EF and EF-S lenses are compatible with the Rebel series. However, the lenses that typically come with a Rebel (EF-S) are compatible only with Ca ( Full Answer )

Will your Canon T70 35mm film camera lenses fit on any of the digital Canon SLR cameras?

I don't think they will fit any. The lens mount was changed right after the Canon T70. Someone told me they will fit a Nikon so I'm trying to find that out. (They don't fit Nikon cameras.). Canon T70 lenses only fit Canon SLR's (single lens reflex) made between 1964 to 1987.. The T70 uses Canon FD ( Full Answer )

Can a Canon AE1 SLR model camera be converted to a digital model?

No. In 2001, a company called "Silicon Film" demonstrated a digital insert that would fit into the film chamber of most 35mm film cameras. Unfortunately, they had too many problems and the product never made it to market. The company was dissolved in 2002.. It was a nice idea to convert millions of ( Full Answer )

Is a Canon SD950 or Canon A720 the better digital camera?

CANON A720 - 8.00 Megapixels; 6.00x zoom (35-210mm eff); viewfinder- Optical / LCD; display size: 2.5 inch; ISO function: 80-1600; shuter speed - 15-1/2000; battery - 2 x AA; weight: (243 g). CANON SD950 - 12.10 Megapixels; 3.70x zoom lens; Optical / LCD - viewfinder; screen size - 2.5 inch; ISO fu ( Full Answer )

Manual for Canon digital camera?

Canon has a download section for many of their products, including cameras. Lots of internet downloadable stuff, including manuals, are available at no charge from the following link:. http://www.usa.canon.com/consumer/controller?act=DownloadIndexAct

Can you use your old Canon 35mm A-1 lenses on a Canon digital SLR camera?

Yes, you can use film Canon lenses on a DSLR Canon. However, if you lenses are really old (made before 1987), they might not fit. But I'd try them anyway. My father had an old Canon 35MM and I was able to use his lenses just fine on my new Canon DSLR. Here's a good rule of thumb to remember: You ( Full Answer )

What is a Canon Elph Digital Camera?

A very small consumer-grade digital camera made by Canon. It is named after the very small Elph film camera that Canon used to make based on the Kodak Advanced Film System. The film version is no longer in production.

Will any Canon lens fit any Canon camera?

No. The three primary types of Canon lens, and some commentary on compatibility, are below. . Canon FD and FL lenses: These are all manual-focus lenses for manual-focus cameras. FL lenses will work on any FD camera (for example, the famous AE-1 and T70), but FD lenses will probably not work with ( Full Answer )

Can you get a zoom lens for your digital camera?

It depends on the camera. If it has detachable lenses, there should be a variety of zoom lenses available. Vivitar and Sigma are good manufacturers, and of course your camera manufacturer's offerings are the best choices of all.

For a Canon Digital SLR camera is it better on the battery to remove it from the camera when it's not being used?

Actually, yes; however, this will not make a SIGNIFICANT difference. The battery is very slowly drained all of the time that it is in the camera. Therefore, your best battery performance will be seen when the battery is removed between uses. One must balance this benefit, however, with wearing ou ( Full Answer )

What is the best canon zoom camera lens?

The Canon EF 70-300mm DO IS USM Lens is (arguably) the best Canon EF lens available. It has a focal length of 70-300mm which is excellent for sports and wildlife photography. It features Diffractive Optics (DO) which handle chromatic abrasion very well, Image Stabilisation which compensates for came ( Full Answer )

What is the best Canon camera lens?

Really broad question... What are you shooting? Portraits? Wildlife? Sports? Each question has a different answer. Having said that, my favorite canon lens is the 70-200mm f2.8 L series lens.

Will Canon Film Lenses Work On digital cameras?

All EF series lenses will work on any Canon EOS series SLR, digital or film. EF-S series lenses will NOT work on film SLRS or Full-Frame digital bodies (5D and 1 series). They only work on 10D-60D, 7D, and Digital Rebels with a cropped (APS-C) sensor. FD series lens are not compatible with EO ( Full Answer )

Which one is better in Nikon slr camera and canon slr camera?

A Nikon and a Canon are equivalent in quality. The Nikon is significantly more costly than the Canon.. Most Nikon buyers would disagree but do some research before you buy. Make sure you compare models with similar features.. In my opinion the Canon is a much better value.

Will Nikon lens work on Canon eos rebel cameras?

A Nikon Lens will not fit on a Canon camera. Edit: All camera brands have their own bayonet, so they won't be able to take lenses from other brands, but if for example you wanted to put a Nikon lens on a Canon camera, there are adapters for that. There are also third-party lens makers (Sigma, Tamr ( Full Answer )

What is the cheapest canon digital slr camera?

The price of Canon dslr cameras varies depending on where you are looking and whether you are shopping for a new camera. A lot of different stores and websites, such as Photo 4 Less, offer a variety of cameras for a wide range of prices. How much money you are willing to spend may depend on if you a ( Full Answer )

Is a Canon EOS digital camera an SLR camera?

It is an SLR camera in the sense that it uses the same mechanism for capturing a picture, but instead of film, there's an electronic sensor that the image is recorded on. Instead of exposed film, you get image files that you can then use for whatever purpose you require.

Can you buy a Canon camera lens by itself?

Yes you can. They actually sell them separately at any local store where they sell cameras. They come in a variety depending on what kind of lens you want. From far distance shots to up close as well

What is the best reviewed lens for a canon camera?

The best Canon camera lens depends greatly on your objective, whether it be special effects, zoom, or lighting options. That being said, the EF line of camera lenses are some of the best available.

How much is a Canon digital camera?

The price of a Canon digital camera depends on the model. The new one that seems to be the cheapest, which would be the Powershot SX120 IS is 229 dollars.

Where can a Canon SLR digital camera be bought?

Canon SLR Digital Camera can be purchased in various online and high street retailers. Few examples of online retailers include: Amazon, Very, Ebay etc. High street retailers include Jessops.

Where are Canon Digital Cameras sold?

You can find Canon Digital Cameras at your local Target, Best Buy, Walmart, and other stores containing electronics. You can also find them online at Amazon, eBay, and other online stores.

Where can you buy Canon digital cameras?

There are many places that sell Canon digital cameras. Large electronic stores such as Futureshop or Best Buy often carry a wide variety of cameras such as Canon but there are also many online camera websites such as Henry's that sell Canon as well.

What is special about the Canon SLR camera?

There are a number of different models of Canon SLR cameras available to purchase. Some of the special features include touch screen, scene detection, and the compatibility with a number of different lenses.

Where could one purchase a Canon SLR camera?

A Canon SLR camera can be purchased at many retail stores. Best Buy and Future Shop both carry the Canon SLR, as does Amazon and eBay. Many are listed at various prices.

How does the Canon digital camera printer work?

The Canon digital printer has built in Wi-Fi for printing and scanning anywhere in your home or office. It also has AirPrint2, which allows your to print from your iPad or iPhone.