Will there be a world of star craft?

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On my thought threre will be World of Starcraft because as I have played Halo or any other game that involeves space. Blizzard will have to use work quite a bit and i bet it wont be in next couple of years even if it does come out. My answear is yes on my knowledge.
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How do you hack star craft?

You can't hack it but there are some cheats. Show me the money. This is a mineral cheat Operation cwal. This is a producing cheat. There is no cow level. This is a just winning cheat. Black sheep wall. This cheat let's you open up the map. I think that's all you really need.

Is world or war craft a monthly payment game?

if you mean World of Warcraft (im not making fun of you just verifying). then yes. you can either. - set up automatic withdrawls from creditcards or pyapal(?). - pay by your landline. or most commonly used. -buy WoW time cards from just about any gaming store in US and Canada (EB Games, IGN pl ( Full Answer )

Scripts for world of war craft?

hay un código complejo de World of Warcraft así que si necesita hacer una versión hackeada difíhay un código complejo de World of Warcraft así que si necesita hacer una versión hackeada difícil !

What is all the cheats in star craft gundam century?

Top five cheats: ( also work on starcraft broodwar). 1. to make you unit live forever: power overwhelming. 2. to build building or unit or upgrade so fast: operation cwal. 3. to get 10 000 for minerals and vespne gas: show me the money. 4. to win straight away: there is no cow level. 5. to view ( Full Answer )

What system is star craft 2 for?

Star craft 2 is for the PC system, different types will work with MAC but you have to buy the compatible software.

What is better Rune scape or World of War craft?

World of Warcraft has better graphics, is more fun, has a nicer community, is better maintained and, in many peoples opinion, is better. However, it does cost $US15/month to play, whereas Runescape is free.

What is World War Craft?

First of all its World of Warcraft and its a very fun game i enjoy it. its a MMORPG With millions of players online i would consider playing it. its a awsome computer game, many people on it

What is the strongest force of star craft?

None they each have different stratigies to victtiory so none are better than the others i personally like zerg on some maps better than others so it just depends in the map and your skill at being that race

Does world of war craft use dual core processor?

World of warcraft is software. It cannot choose whether or not to use a dual core processor. If the processor in a computer is a dual core model, it will be using both, if is a single core, it will use that, and if it is a quad core, it will use all 4.

Where can you download world of craft?

You can always download it on steam(It's not free)... But I would recommend just going to amazon or walmart and buying it. I'll put a link below to the game!

What is a x-craft in World War 2?

l. a type of midget submarine used by the British ( Royal Navy). 2. and this is postwar, any experimental Aircraft with the X-designation, such as X-l5 the most famous. all of these X-craft are aerospace- planes or rocket craft. the original RN use applied to special purpose submarines.

What were the air craft like in the blitz world war 2?

Germany used several aircraft. They mainly used the ME109 fighter to protect their bombers. It was a single engine plane and the fastest fighter plane at the time. They used a number of Stuka dive bombers. They had a wing with a dip in the wing and were designed to drop bombs. They would dive and co ( Full Answer )

Will there be a Star-craft 2?

there will be three games the skimishes will be the same but the campaign will be different The Wings of Liberty The Heart of the Swarm The Legacy of the Void

How long does it take to install world of war craft?

Depends on if you are installing from DVD or downloading the installer. DVD takes about 20 minutes depending on the speed of your drive and computer, plus another few hours to patch the client up to the current version. Downloading the installer will take much much longer. First you download t ( Full Answer )

What is the worlds most deadliest Air craft?

It depends on which type of aircraft. According to the Military Channel, the most deadliest aircraft include: The deadliest bomber planes are the B-29, the Thunderbolt A-10, and the Flying Fortress B-17. The deadliest helicopters are the AH-1 Cobra, and the Apache. The deadliest gunship is the AC ( Full Answer )

What are the cheat codes to star craft?

Cheat codes to starcraft are; Operation cwal- speeds up production Black sheep wall- Shows the whole map show me the money- gives you 10,000 minerals and gas power overwhelming- Invincibility there is no cow level; win the level game over man; lose the war

Is star craft 2 an RPG?

No, its a real time strategy (RTS) like warcraft, age of empires or dawn of war.

Is world of war craft cataclysm on the internet?

Yes, you buy the actual game from the shop then download it onto your computer but for it to work it needs to be connected to the internet is a multiplayer game, however there are a few original World of Warcraft games that don't need the internet.

What is the difference between Star Craft one and Star Craft 2?

Be more specific. I'll assume you are talking about Wings of Liberty. Wings of Liberty is a Terran campain with some protoss bonus missions, whereas StarCraft was three campains in one game. Graphically, StarCraft 2:WoL is much better than the orginal. Also, Wol supports online matches via battlenet ( Full Answer )

Which world flag had star or stars on it?

The United States flag has, currently, 50 stars , the number of states in the Union. the device of a crescent and Star is common on flags of Moslem countries. Stars figure in the flags of Egypt, also. Of course the dual purpose Jewish religious-National Israel flag has a six-pointed Star of David de ( Full Answer )

Does world at war craft cost money?

Yes, World of Warcraft does cost money. First, you have to buy the game and all expansions up to the current one. Then you have to pay a monthly subscription fee of $14.99 (depending on subscription plan) each and every month. This may seem like an awful amount of money to waste on a game, but the m ( Full Answer )

Why do you use a nether star in mine craft?

In Minecraft, A Nether Star is used to create a beacon, which is crafted with 3 obsidian on the bottom, a Nether Star in the middle, and glass in the rest of the slots. A beacon is placed on top of a pyramid (which is not hollow) of any combination of blocks of Iron, Gold, Diamond, or Emerald. the ( Full Answer )

What are the most famous arts and crafts in the world?

There is no one category for famous Arts and Crafts. Each one is a separate category, and would have to be looked at independently as such. There is an Arts and Crafts Movement at some point in history, so it may be better to begin there.

How do you craft?

You craft by getting things and sticking the items together to makea new thing. There are many kinds of crafts, so I would suggestgoing to a craft store to see what interests you.