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Obamacare as we know it now will impose a $3,800 tax on a family not covered by health insurance.

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Are there fines for not having a bully program in a school?

No there are not Fines for it Because you dont have to have a bully Program.... But there shoud be :)

What are the fines for running sweatshops?

Fines in the US can be over $10,000 per offense. The law was an extension of the Occupational Safety and Health Act. The Occupational Safety and Health Act is the law passed in the 1970's that set the standards for manufacturing.

Can an employer make you take insurance if you do not have other insurance?

It is your choice if you want any at all you don't have to carry insurance but you should. Until recently, not having health insurance could result in fines from the Federal government.

What is the main difference between health and safety law and criminal law?

Health & Safety Law in the US is primarily civil law for which civil fines and citations are the available penalties. Criminal law involving fines and imprisonment is a very small part of US OSHA law.

What are the fines for Seat belt fines driver and passenger in Kern county ca?

I dont know. how much is the fine violation for having no selt belt with minors ages 9 and 13?

Who wrote flour babies?

Anne Fines Anne Fines Anne Fines

How do you avoid airline fines?

No its your duty to pay the fines.

What are the key points of the government health insurance plan?

The Government's health insurance plan is going to force everyone to purchase health insurance, or face monetary fines as a punishment. It's unconstitutional to force a citizen to purchase a product, or fine them if they do not purchase a product.

Can you get points on your license for not having car insurance?

No, but in many states it's a criminal offense and you can be subject to license suspension, fines and jail.

What are the penalties for driving without a license or with a suspended or revoked license?

Fines, possibility of having your vehicle impounded, extension of your ongoing suspension.

What is the area of Fines?

The area of Fines is 23 square kilometers.

When did Clarence Fines die?

Clarence Fines died in 1993.

When was Clarence Fines born?

Clarence Fines was born in 1905.

What does los fines mean?

In English "los fines" means ends.

How do you drill hole in fines wall?

Please explain what is a "fines wall"

Can humans eat falcons and are there any health issues?

falcons are often endangered so eating them would be out of the question. There are often hefty fines associated with harming them

What are the consequences of Tesco?

· The maximum penalties for breaching health and safety legislation are unlimited fines (depends on severity) and up to two years in prison (if criminally negligent).

Can bankruptcy discharge legal fines or penalties?

No, it does not discharge legal fines and/or penalties.

How much are fines for using LimeWire?

Fines are $250,000 or five years in prison

What is the singular form of fines?

The singular form for the plural noun fines is a fine.

What is the statute of limitation on court fines in Colorado?

There is no statute of limitations on court fines. You can expect a bench warrant to be issued for your arrest if you do not take care of the fines.

What is the past tense of fines?

There is no past tense of the word "fines," because it is a noun. But, if in a pastly sentence then it would be: I got a fine, or I got many fines.

What is Penalty for having rifle barrel less than 16 inches?

Possilbe to get a decade or so in a federal prison and fines in the tens of thousands and up.

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