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Will there be visible water leaks with a blown head gasket?


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Not always, sometimes the leak will be internal to the engine.

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Head gasket is probably blown. Water is passing out through exhaust. This is a common problem with subarus

water in the oil , steam from engine near gasket surface, lossing coolant with no visible leak

it will cause overheating and mess up your engine internal moving parts.

Water pump out, ruptured tank on radiator, or head gasket blown probably in that order.

water mixed in oil, check dipstick, looks milky in color. quick overheating. visible leaks around head gasket.

Sounds to me like a cracked head and or a blown head gasket, i had a similar problem but it was on a Saturn

Check for blown head gasket

blown head gasket or cracked block blown head gasket or cracked block

condensation OR blown head gasket. Is it losing water in the radiator? If so, check the compression. from condensation from setting overnight,or a cracked head or blown head gasket if U are losing water from the radiator.I no water loss U probably have a very tight exhaust system that nas no leaks-& that's OK.

ckeck the oil dipstick if the oil has a color like chocolate milk the oil has water/colant in it which means the head gasket is blown and its leakin water into the engine block

Look just below the water pump to see if any antifreeze is visible. Water pumps will sometimes leak and drip out antifreeze. Check the engine oil to see if antifreeze is mixed with the oil, indicating a blown head gasket.

you have a blown head gasket water is getting in to the engine oil

possible blown head gasket

yes it does when u blow the head gasket the oil mixes with the water

Besides water in the oil, you will have little to no compression on the cylinder(s) in the area where the gasket is blown.

Head gasket . check for gunge inside oil filler opening (rocker cover/ cam cover). water leaking internally would explain . hence head gasket !!

my head gasket was blown and it had water in the oil which made the oil look a milky color

Either your head gasket or base gasket are blown

Yes but only for a little while. You will definatly notice a blown head gasket by looking for steam in the exhaust and water in your oil.

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