Will there ever be a movie for Warriors by Erin Hunter?

According to the official Warriors website there are no Warriors movies in production and no definite plans to make one, "no matter what you read on the internet!" There have been discussions with production companies but, so far, nothing has quite worked out. According to Erin Hunter, they are waiting until they can make "a Warriors Blockbuster".

Good to know. I'm a fan of Warriors, and to be honest, I've read all the books and I absolutely love them. But an animated movie about talking cats...with clans. I mean, yes, as a Warriors' fan I would instantly go like: YES! YES! MAKE ONE! But that's ridiculous. In the beginning it would show the woods calling Rusty. And then Graystripe shows up...then there'll be a fight...and it would just look weird. I've seen some videos on YouTube and stuff about warriors, but a movie? Being animated? No. I don't think that would work well, and I read Warriors everyday. This is my true opinion. You have to get past loving the books. Movies are entirely different from them. The movies will show badly on the books, and then the movies will receive tons of hate. Even though I bet Erin Hunter would be insanely proud having a movie about her books, the idea wont work well. Erin Hunter would perhaps receive a lot of hate, and it wouldn't be her fault.