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They can ONLY garnishee the wages of the one(s) who SIGNED the contract,whomever that may be.

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Can a state garnish your wages for a repossession if you now live in another state?

YES, states honor each others judgements. Same as suspending your DL cause you got a ticket in another state.

Is a lender in Missouri required to send the borrower a Notice of Right to Cure before repossession action?

No, Missouri has no laws that require the creditor to notify the debtor that a vehicle is subject to repossession.The lender can have the vehicle repossessed without notice as long as the repossession does not commit a breach of peace as defined by the laws in the jurisdiction where the vehicle is seized.ADDED: While the above answer may have been correct at the time it was written - it is no longer applicable.Quote: "As per the UCC, repossession is allowed and permitted as long as it is peaceful, after a Twenty Day Right To Cure Letter from lienholder to debtor. One time cure law in effect in Missouri; all others per contractual agreement." unquoteSee below link:

What are car reposession laws in MO?

The repossion lasw in Missouri are "As per the UCC, repossession is allowed and permitted as long as it is peaceful, after a Twenty Day Right To Cure Letter from lienholder to debtor. One time cure law in effect in Missouri; all others per contractual agreement.

What states require auto repossession licensing?

Texas, Oregon, Washington and others.

Can a repossession agent call the police?

Thay can, and in many jurisdictions it is required before repossession is performed. In others it is only necessary to notify police within 24 hours of recovery.

What word means takes from others?

retains, confiscate, seize, attach, garnish, impound, appropriate, expropriate

What are examples of household wedges?

One example of a household wedge would be a door stop. Others are chisels, and wheel blocks.

Who was from Missouri?

Harry S. Truman and so many others were or are Missourians.

Slave state in Missouri compromise?

What sates were admitted to the Union between the time of the Missouri Compromise and the compromise of 1850Type your answer here... Maine,missouri,and a couple others....ARKANSAS WOO PIG SOOIIIEEE!!!

What household items contain calcium?

Toothpaste is the most common one but there are others.

Why did people move to Missouri?

There are many different reasons why people moved to Missouri. Some did so for religious reasons. Others did so for better opportunities, and the hope that they would be able to live a better life in Missouri.

Which river flow into the Mississippi river?

Among others there is the Ohio, Illinois, Missouri and Arkansas.

What major crops are grown in missouri?

Corn, soybeans, wheat, and hay, among others.

Can wages be garnished if self employed?

Yes, A deptor can have his profits garnish 1/6. percent,Ofcourse there may be others things taking out first.

What household invention was in the 1920's?

telephone, radio, band-aid lot of others

In Missouri do you have to have a permit to shave?

To shave yourself, no. To run a barber shop and shave others, yes.

What US states border the most others?

Tennessee and Missouri each border eight states.

What type of energy conversion takes places in a household item?

If the household items work with electricity, they will convert electrical energy to whatever they are supposed to do: movement for some devices, sound or light for others.

What state in the US borders most of the others?

no state borders most of the others or even comes close to bordering most but Tennessee & Missouri border the most

Are there any werewolves in Missouri?

In 1987 I knew of seventeen werewolves in Missouri, of course since then some of those may have moved away, died, and then some others may have moved in or had children.

What is the meaning of the word garnish?

There are three main meanings for the word "garnish." Used as a noun, a garnish is an item or substance used to decorate a dish, plate of food, drink, etc. The garnish (decoration) may be edible leaves, seasonings, herbs, even flowers. There are lots of options in choosing a garnish. Garnishes may add flavor or color to a dish. Some garnishes are used to enhance the visual aspect of the plate or dish to make it appear more appealing, while others are used to enhance the flavor. "The garnish on the cake was shaved chocolate curls." or "Which garnish should we use for the plates?" Used as a verb, it is the act of garnishing (decorating or embellishing with savory touches.) "Garnish the mixed drinks with lemon wedges or olives." or "Would you garnish the plates while I prepare the drinks?" There is a third, legal meaning to the word. It means to seize money owing to someone to satisfy his debts. If A owes money to B, and B owes money to C, C can collect the money owing to B from A in satisfaction of the debt owing to C. This is called "garnishing B's debts". If A is B's employer, it is called "garnishing B's wages".

What 2 us states border most others?

Tennessee and Missouri each border 8 other states.

Which does not belong Mississippi red Missouri or Mexico?

Red does not belong because all the others are either countries or states

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