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Will torque converter cause vibration on Chevy s10 2.8?


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2005-01-19 18:23:11
2005-01-19 18:23:11

No drain plug. Filter is located inside the transmission pan on the bottom of the tranny.


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A bad torque converter can cause slipping gears. The fuel mileage will suffer as well, and the engine will rev higher.

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I'd say "not likely". While it's possible that a torque converter is out of balance enough to cause a vibration, in general that's not the case unless it has been hit or damaged in some other way. It might be better to talk to someone who knows what he is talking about.

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No, it will not cause the engine to knock.

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Torque converter lock-up solenoid is bad. Common problem with 1988 Beretta.

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