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Will undertaker come to wwe?

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The Undertaker is currently with the WWE and is on a break. He should be returning very soon

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The Undertaker will be coming back to WWE Monday February 21 2011

Yes he will come back to the wwe

Yes, The Undertaker will come back at Wrestlemania XXVIII for a final match to extend his streak to 20-0!

no undertaker is to hurt to be coming to soon

Possibly but in my opinion, he will just come back to announce his retirement.

undertaker when he come back i guess :) =D

yes he will return at wrestlemania27

According to WWE Magazine, Undertaker is coming back October 23 at a new WWE pay-per-view called Vengeance.

no the undertaker is in the wwe.

He is gonna come back on wwe summer slam.

the undertaker joined WWE in 1990 at Survivor Series.

Probably for the Wrestlemania event in 2012

undertaker should come back hell in a cell during mark henry match

Yes he will, he will return on Smackdown, July 25, 2008

The Undertaker has been WWE Champion 4 times.

The Undertaker has been fighting in the WWE for 25 years.

the undertaker He is a wrestler from the WWE The Undertaker.

No, the Undertaker is not dead.

No, cause stupid Undertaker took it away. Btw, I might have killed Undertaker. So Kane, u better come kill me.

No, undertaker did not quit the WWE he was just at WM28 to wrestle Triple H again.

Undertaker is on leave from WWE due to an injury. He is in talks of returning in 2011.

You are stupid he will never get out of the wwe

no wwe is just faking it

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