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He will return in february to wwe.

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Yes he will come back to the wwe

The Undertaker will be coming back to WWE Monday February 21 2011

no undertaker is still on wwe smack down

yes Undertaker is coming back in about march or April I'm guessing.

It is possible that The Undertaker will be returning to WWE at SummerSlam (2010).

Possibly but in my opinion, he will just come back to announce his retirement.

Yes,undertaker is coming back in 2012 but in wrestling mania 28

He is coming back February 21,2011

According to WWE Magazine, Undertaker is coming back October 23 at a new WWE pay-per-view called Vengeance.

if rvd gos back to the wwe

no he not he is retire from the wwe

He is currently injured but he will be back.

No, but the rock iz coming

Yes. Returned summerslam 2010

Undertaker is returning it's not like torrie Wilson leaving and not comming back that was a huge loss to WWE!

undertaker should come back hell in a cell during mark henry match

no undertaker is to hurt to be coming to soon

The Whereabouts of the undertaker is unknown, but the deadman wouldn't leave the WWE just like that. he is the most respected man in wwe. so he will be back soon.

undertaker when he come back i guess :) =D

yes he will return at wrestlemania27

because his brother (Kane) buried him and the undertaker came back to wwe and to life

no the undertaker is in the wwe.

the undertaker joined WWE in 1990 at Survivor Series.