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This is not a symptoms of pregnancy.

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Q: Will vaginal becomes some how loose after missed period is that a pregnancy symptom?
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Whats the earliest symptom of pregnancy?

more than one missed period in a row.

Your ovulation was this week and you are nauseated can you be pregnant?

Nausea is a symptom of pregnancy. And if you missed your ovulation then yes, it is possible.

What are pregnancy symptoms if you are over 40?

The first symptom is a missed period. Then sore breasts, bloating, and nausea.

Is getting a headache when going to the bathroom a symptom of pregnancy?

If you have missed a period take a test. If you haven't it is likely the headache etc are not due to pregnancy.

Is back ache a symptom of pregnancy?

Yes back ache can be a symptom of pregnancy but can also be mistaken for period back aches. Most common notice of pregnancy is a missed period. Back ache will begin to happen when your stomache becomes heavier and is making room for your new baby, the spine begines to change shape so that there is enough room for your baby to grow.

Is backache a symptom of pregnancy before you missed periods?

no it is not if your are pregnant the pregnancy is not progressed enough for back aches but keep a close eye for other symptoms

Is crying and feeling hormonal a symptom of early pregnancy?

Sometimes. If you have missed a period you may be pregnant. Take a test

Is a sore pubic bone a symptom of early pregnancy?

No. Typically the first symptoms you will get are sore breasts and a missed period.

Is a facial rash a symptom of pregnancy before a missed period?

I'm 6days late and I got a facial rash

Is dark yellow urine a symptom of pregnancy?

no but dark urine is a sign of dehydration. the signs of pregnancy are missed periods, Morning sickness,bloating,tiredness,and diarrhea

Is headaches a symptom of pregnancy?

You can have headaches during pregnancy but it is not necessarily a sign of pregnancy. Your signs of pregnancy most commonly include: * missed period * tender/swollen breasts * change in color of the breasts * fatigue

Are headaches a pregnancy symptom?

Hi, Headaches are a symptom of pregnancy. Below is a list of the most common pregnancy symptoms: * Missed period. * Light period. * Spotting of blood for a few hours or 2-3 days. * Abdominal cramping. * Increase in vaginal discharge. * Urinating more frequently. * Headaches. * Dizzyness. * Feeling very tired. * Constipation or diahrrea. * Breast or nipple tenderness. * Darkening or your Aerolas. I hope this has helped you with the pregnancy symptoms. Take care.

How long after fertilization do experience pregnancy symptom?

Three days Before my missed period I was experiencing nausea, tired, and had sore breasts!

When to know you are pregant?

The first pregnancy symptom most women have is a missed menstrual period. If you feel that you could be pregnant you should take a home pregnancy test and/or see a Dr.

Is there any other symptom other than missed period?

Symptom of WHAT?

When you feel very bloated and feel as if you want to throw up can this be a symptom of pregnancy?

If you have missed a period it is possible, but it is also a symptom of so many things that this would not be the first thing I would think of.

I took my last of clomophene 4 days ago and i still haven't got my period does this mean pregnancy Or does it at least mean good odds for pregnancy?

A missed period is a symptom of pregnancy, however, pregnancy can only be confirmed by a medical professional.

Is dehydration an early pregnancy symptom?

no. You first symptoms of pregnancy will occur 1-2 weeks after conception. They will ususally inlcude naseau, missed period, swollen/tender breasts, and emotional changes.

You missed period for 5 days and you are having back pain no other pregnancy symptom are you pregnant?

The only way to be sure is to do a pregnancy test, but a late period and back pain does not mean you are pregnant.

Could this be a pregnancy sign missed your period n having lot of vaginal discharge till now?

its not posibble tell go see a doctor

Are strong headachs and nausea signs of pregnancy?

Yes - these are two symptoms of pregnancy. But unfortunately they could also be a symptom of flu or something else. Have you missed your period? You can do a pregnancy test about the time your period is due and it should tell you if you are or not pregnant.

Are bleeding gums a symptom of pregnancy and how long does it last if it is?

No...more like a symptom of gingivitis. Your first signs of pregnancy most commonly include: * missed period * tender/swollen breasts * change in color of the breasts * fatigue * nausea/vomiting * increased sense of smell * weight gain

Could diarrhea be a sign Of pregnancy?

Although it may occur during pregnancy, it is not likely a symptom. Symptoms will be weight gain, nausea, swollen tender breasts/nipples, increased sense of smell and missed period.

Could you be pregnant if you missed your last depo shot and bleed a lot while having your period?

Lack of a period is a typical symptom of pregnancy, not heavy bleeding. If you think you might be pregnant, take a pregnancy test.

Is it a sign of pregnancy if you feel nauseous every time you eat?

It is possible yes. If you have missed a period. It could also be a symptom of something else. If you are not pregnant , see a doctor about it.