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Apple cider vinegar is often used to kill mosquito larvae. While it is not as effective as bleach, it is harmless for humans and pets.


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There are special chemicals to distribute in pool water to kill mosquito larvae. To keep them out, use a tight pool cover and filter.

you can pour a layer of oil on the water.

Fish do feed on mosquito larvae.

one way is to leave water in some form of container once you notice that mosquitoes start biting, after a day or two you put vinegar in the water and throw it out.

tell me wat size r mosquito larvae

Pouring bleach into a small puddle with mosquito larvae will kill them, and it will likely kill them quickly. However, you must be careful that you do not use enough bleach to hurt the soil under the puddle or affect surrounding life.

a teaspoon or two of kerosene is said to work.

A mosquito larvae breathes in air through its siphon. It is the younger one of a mosquito!! CHA CHA!!

Yes, there are several ducks who will eat mosquito larvae. Muscovy ducks are said to be the main predator for mosquito larvae and are essential for keeping the mosquito population at bay.

A little bit of cooking oil on top of most containers with mosquito larvae will kill the little critters. Still, it is good to get rid of standing water all around. Without standing water, they can not come back.

There is some study into the use of Mahogany branch extract to kill mosquito larvae. It is also used to repel mosquitoes because they don't like the smell.

yes because it is place under the sun it will become dry its odor is smell by a mosquito.

kerosine oil has high surface tension,not really:L

dragonfly larvae eats mosquito larvae.

Mosquito larvae can definitely be dangerous to humans and other animals. There can be a host of diseases that can be spread by coming in contact with this larvae.

Baby oil and mineral oil have been shown to kill mosquito larvae, and many people use it in their pools because it will not harm human. It also will not harm your dog or other pets.

Yes, it is safe to eat mosquito larvae; you will digest them. They even have nutritional value.

No. It is a young mosquito that lives underwater.

YES, especially mosquito larvae

A great many species eat mosquito larvae. Other predatory aquatic insects (e.g. dragonfly larvae, aquatic beetles) as well as freshwater fish (e.g. guppies, killifish, carp) and even birds (migratory songbirs, waterfowl) will eat mosquito larvae. Tadpoles also eat mosquito larvae.

The young stages of a Mosquito are called "Mosquito larvae".

if its a larvae, it cant eat, therefore how can it be carnivorous?

larvae is another name for a mosquito

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