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People do not get glasses from too much tv or computer. Our eyes sometimes a lacking a piece of the puzzle it takes to get 20/20 at birth and then you get glasses. Then as we get older pieces of the puzzle in the eye net work break down and then you get glasses too. Go to an eye doctor and they will be able to tell you what pieces your missing so to speak...

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Do you need as much RAM memory as the movie you are watching on your computer?


Why do your eyes fog up?

Cause your watching to much tv.

Can 3D glasses cause a headache?

yes, they can because if you wear them too much they can cause a headache

What is CMOS Failure in computer mean?

stop watching so much porn..

Do you need glasses for nearsightedness?

It depends how much you need long distance sight. Having glasses may make watching television more enjoyable. They may also be required for driving.

Can you die from watching too much TV?

No,I do not think you can die from watching too much TV but it could be a cause of something that might lead to death. usually watching too much TV might lead to; Poor eyesight,addiction,unproductivness,antisocialness.

What is faster a personal computer or a mainframe computer?

Of cause mainframe, it costs much, much more than just simple personal computer :)

Bad effects of the computer for the child?

Typically, in normal use, there aren't any serious dangers from a computer for children; however computers are electrical (just like a TV) and usually heavy (just like TV) so I would say treat your child's interaction with a computer the same as if they were watching TV -- TVs can electrocute you, TVs can fall off the stand, and watching too much TV (just like staring at a computer screen) can cause eye strain.

Does TV cause cancer?

No, it does not cause cancer. In fact, it's impossible that TV cause you cancer. It only causes you bad eyesight if you keep watching it too much

What is stalking on the computer?

I'm pretty sure that its following someone from site-to-site watching everything they do. Not much a diff.

Can watching to much tv cause autism?

Obviously not - autism is a neurological condition, apart from the fact that peole are born autistic, watching TV cannot change your brain.

Does watching too much tv cause you to gain weight?

yes because your not doing anything else

Is it healthy to lay down and watch the computer?

healthy? nothing is healthy. breathing is unhealthy because of all the pollution, drinking too much water can kill you... lol watching the computer while laying down is just fine, its the same as watching tv.

Can using a pair of glasses lower than your regular prescription damage your eyes?

You can strain your eyes which can cause severe headaches, but it depends on how much lower than your regular prescription glasses are.

How much glasses of water is in 500 ml?

It depends how big the glasses are!

How much water is 8 glasses?

1litre although it depends on how much capacity the glasses have.

Can too much tv or computer give you a headache?

Yes too much watching TV or staring at computer monitor for long duration affects your eyesight. It increases the stress level and may lead to headaches and hypertension.

Did Eleanor roosevelt have glasses?

She wore glasses for much of her life

Is 8 glasses of water a day too much?

yes it is you should only drink three cups of it cause you may puke or get a stomache for drinking to much

Why would your right eye keep blinking?

== == * Eye strain can cause this due to staring at a computer screen too long, watching TV too much or too close, or reading a lot. People can get "twitches" which is a nerve to the eye, but generally nothing to worry about. However everyone should get a good check-up by their Optometrist every year and it would be a good thing for you to do to be sure you don't need glasses or contact lenses. == ==

How come your video is slow on your computer?

it may be that your internet speed is slow or it may be that your windows registry is cluttered with inappropriate entries. so clean it with the help of registry cleaner.You shouldn't experience too much slowdown when watching videos on a newer computer, or any issue at all after watching them. If you do, there was a trojan.

How much glasses of water should an adult drink?

8 glasses of water

How many ounces in 3 glasses of water?

Depends how much water is in the glasses

Will you go blind from playing on the computer?

you wont go blind if you play the computer...your eyes just get BLURY and your gonna have to start using glasses/contacts if you use the computer too much :) but form my experience...i play the computer 24/7 but i have 20/20 perfect eye vision :)

How much water is 133 ounce?

133 ounces = how much in glasses of water