Will when world end?

"End of the World" predictions seem to come and go; somebody makes a prediction about the end of the world, the day comes by and nothing happens. When it happens, it'll be a big surprise to all of us.

In 1908, a large object struck the earth in Siberia at a place called "Tunguska", causing an explosion that was probably about 50 megatons in size. I'm glad it was Siberia! Ancient Inca calendars end in the year 2012. Barack Obama will be surprised!

A fairly large asteroid, named appropriately enough "Apophis", will pass very close to the Earth in 2029 and again in 2036, but should miss. We hope, as it is big enough to ruin ALL of our days.

Scientists and politicians are finally starting to realize that the Earth WILL be struck - again! - with a large comet, meteor or asteroid which will destroy civilization. Unless we can stop it. We don't know when this will happen; whether it will be this year or this century or not for another 100,000 years - but it WILL happen.

And that will be "End of the World" enough for all of us!