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Not normally ... her body thinks its pregnant.

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Q: Will women have periods during a tubular pregnancy?
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During the nine months do women still see their menstrual cycle?

Normally, women do not have periods or bleeding during pregnancy.

Is pregnancy possible during period?

There is a definite chance that any woman can get pregnant during her periods. Though the chances of pregnancy during periods are low, they exist for all women. The truth is that there is no predictable time during the month when the risk of pregnancy can be said to be absent.

In which month of pregnancy do your periods stop?

Periods stop immediately you get pregnant. Most women are fertile 12-16 days before a period is due. Although most women do not experience periods during pregnancy some women have periods the first couple of months, up to 6 or 7 months and in rare, throughout the entire pregnancy.

Can a girl stay pragnent after her period?

Pregnant women do not get periods. Some women do bleed during pregnancy but this needs to be checked by a Dr immediately.

During pregnancy do women get their period?

They don't normally as there is no need for one-after all the only reason women have periods is so the egg can be fertilised but sometimes women go throughout their whole pregnancy having regular periods. Some women don't even know they are pregnant until they go into labour!

Do you get periods during pregnancy?

Rare but does happen to women..but if ur thinkin ur pregnant && having a period then you may not be pregnant

Is it possible to have a period even if you think you have conceived?

Some women have periods during pregnancy but it is uncommon. Best way to know is to take a Early Home pregnancy test.

If a women doesn't get her periods at all can she get pregnancy?

If she never has periods and never ovulates, then no, she cannot get pregnant.

Can you have 2 positive pregnancy tests and still have a period in early pregnancy?

Sometimes it is commen for women to have periods during pregnancy. But, any kind of bleeding during a pregnancy should be reported to your doctor so they can check just in case to make sure that there was no miscarriage.

Can you bleed when your four months pregnant?

Yes many women have periods during pregnancy and some see spotting. If you are unsure, ask your OBGYN.

How long does vaginal bleeding take during pregnancy?

It all depends on your pregnancy, some women can have periods their entire pregnancy other will spot some will not bleed at all. Just depends talk to your ob gyn.

Is it possible for one to have periods during pregnancy?

Yes and no. It is not technically your period if you are pregnant. It does not contain an unfertilized egg. But some women do get false periods during their pregnancy. A friend of mine did with both of her pregnancies and said they were indistinguishable from regular periods to her. She has two healthy daughters now. If you think you are pregnant and still having your period, you should see a doctor.

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